And so to the fair city of Edinburgh for the annual formality of retaining the Calcutta cup (Scotland vs. England Rugby Union).

Unfortunately there seems to have been a slight problem.  Someone seems to have put cocaine into their porage, and the same mischievous individual seems to have put something else, sleeping pills or something, in the fine upstanding English chaps’ bacon and egg.

Anyway the Calcutta cup has remained north of Hadrian’s wall for the first time this century and deservedly so.

But of course this blog is nothing if not sporting so well done you splendid scottish fellows,, while you’re at it you might want now to beat Ireland as well, strictly in the spirit of fairness mind?

Oh and one last thing – that fucking anthem of yours… gents, it’s utter pants!  Noone loves the bagpipes more than your humble blogger but that is the utter pits.  With so many noble scottish tunes to choose from, this blog’s particular favourite would be “Scotland the Brave”

YOu’ve sorted your game plan, now it’s time to get the important bits right!

Here We Go Again

Never one to pull his punches when it comes to calling out right-on progressive bollocks Richard Littlejohn (at the Mail, where else?) has injected some common sense into the furore surrounding the announcement by the nation’s favourite artist of the 10m board, Tom Daly and his husband (who, he?) that they are to become fathers.

“What furore?” you might say?  Well that’s exactly the point – it seems to have become accepted that two blokes can have a baby, just like that.

My suspicion is that somewhere, somehow, a woman is involved, although quite possibly not THAT involved, acting more as a sort of receptacle cum incubator.  Rather demeaning to women I’d have thought to downplay her role to the extent it has been and I wait with bated breath a howl of the outrage from the usual feminazi suspects.

Well actually I don’t because the kaliedescope has been shifted and the pieces have come down again, to coin a phrase and in the victimhood/privilege hierarchy of February 2018, gays wanting a baby trump being a mere normal woman and certainly the rights of the baby take a definite back seat.

As it happens I am not quite an admirer of Mr Daly (I don’t want to be misunderstood !) but certainly think he seems a thoroughly decent sort of fellow and I am quite sure his baby will want for nothing and will be brought up with love and care.

By the time he is old enough to care it will most likely be so unexceptional to be a child of two gay men that he will suffer no bullying at school from less right on children, and will grow up well adjusted and happy.

And yet, but still, I am not personally in favour of children being brought up without a mother.  THe human psyche is a complicated thing and we have no idea really of what sorts of emotional issues may be created when a generation of children are brought up in these conditions.

I’m happy for Tom Daly and I wish him, indeed them, well; but would rather it didn’t become normal.


Churchill, EU

It is relatively rare that Churchill’s name is invoked remoaner bollocks because most people (even remoaners) are aware of the fact that while WSC was in broadly in  favour of some sort of European federation the only deeper ties he would have accepted would have been with the USA, for quite obvious reasons.

However there are still some, and Felix Klos, author of  “Churchill’s Last Stand: The Struggle to Unite Europe” has repeated the same old nonsense, and it is desirable once again to point out the truth.  The following quote is sufficient to debunk the idea:

Churchill was himself clearly not a ‘European’ at all. If he had had his way, Britain would have been ‘associated’ with a Europe that would extend from Lisbon to Brest-Litovsk… but would never have formed part of it herself. Why the European federalists should have apparently thought at one time that he was thinking of British membership of a federal Europe I have never understood. He always made it quite clear that Britain, if he had anything to do with it, would stand aloof – Gladwyn Jebb, Britain’s representative at the Brussels Treaty Permanent Commission and later MEP

Andrew Roberts in the Spectator is more erudite than I could hope to aspire to (paywalled, but the Spectator is most definitely worth the subscription).

Thoughts On France

I have no doubt France couldn’t really give a shit what I think, but anyway, here goes…

Spent a couple of days there this week and also last week.

They’d had a few inches of snow in Paris and the whole place was paralysed – so like dear old Blighty.

Stayed in a cheapish hotel near Orly – arrive there at 5pm – not a soul to be seen just an automated check in which didn’t work.  After phoning their help line twice I eventually got in.  However you can’t help remembering facts like this when you read about how their productivity is higher than the UK – that is because many many low value added jobs have been automated (which might not have been yet in the UK) because of the extraordinary costs and general ball breaking of employing people there.

However, what a beautiful country it is and, sadly I have to report that every single meal I had was delicious, plus luxuries such as butter in sandwiches.  Half litre pitcher (nearly a pint) of highly drinkable red for 6-8 euros washing down a freshly grilled entrecot over an open fire (and this is in a chain restaurant)

Odd isn’t it – England and France so opposite and yet so alike?  And in unexpected ways.  If I didn’t live in Italy I’d almost certainly have chosen to settle in France.  They are less embarassed than we are to be proud of the country they have made (and grudgingly, they are right to be; but even more so would we be, dammit)

Mind you I was in Normandy which as any fule kno is rightly understood, a part of England.

Having lost embarassingly to every other side in the 6-nations except perhaps Italy you just know they’ll beat the Roses, fuck’em.

A thousand years of hate – there must be a reason.


More Remainerist Cockwaffle

Another day, another ill-judged intervention from some remoaner has-been…

Now it is Sir John Sawers (who the fuck ?? no me neither) lamenting the passing of Blarite interventionism in which no doubt he was such a star.

I have news for Sir John – Britain did an alright job as global policeman up until 1914 and people like you believed in individual liberty, rule of law and equality before the law.

Since 1945 the currency of his type of geopolitical yobbishness has become somewhat debased now that it is run by globalist neocons with only a shadowy attachment to the core Protestant values which informed British style liberalism.

I am no practising christian, but I do know better than to underestimate these values in shaping what is good and worthwhile in our history.


Back to now – we have far better and more productive security links with the USA, Australia, NZ and Canada than with prìerfidious France or hopeless Germany, and without surrendering our sovereignty to some third party that they control (although it is undeniable that the UN has far more influence than the moral probity of its operations could possibly justify).

My recommendation to Sir John?  Fuck off back to your tax payer funded manor house and play with your dogs before we come and get your over-generous pension.

And mind the door doesn’t hit your arse on the way out.


Misdiagnose the illness and prescribe the wrong cure

It seems as though the only thing that will reliably unite the whole world is another US school shooting.

From the Mail (yet again, sorry) we can only sympathise with the pain of the bereaved but the point must be made and understood that disarming the sane and law abiding will do nothing to end these tragedies.

It is becoming clear that the FBI had numerous opportunities to identify the deranged lunatic author of this atrocity, and failed to even bother trying to do so.

By failing to use adequately existing gun laws of which there are many they hardly strengthen the case for additional legislation.

It almost seems as though the powers that be welcome these and similar horrors (pace the Obama-era Fast And Furious operation) as a further excuse to implement more laws.

In the UK we remember the indecent (and unaccustomed) haste with which the dismal Major government acted in the wake of Dunblane to criminalise thousands of innocent law-abiding folk.

Who seriously doubts that the US is not on the same trajectory?

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  Never a truer word.


Hold the front page – Top copper is a moron

Well no surprises there, you might think?

And you’d be right, but that’s no reason not to call them out on it.  From the Mail , this:

In his speech at the Police Federation roads policing conference yesterday, Mr Bangham said he believed speeding drivers were no longer afraid enough of being caught…  there should be more penalty points, fines and prosecutions to install fear in drivers.

Gratifyingly, there has been a torrent of abuse and scorn heaped upon this person’s head and plenty of accurate reasons why he’s talking dangerous bollocks.

However the one aspect that hasn’t been mentioned is this man’s expressed desire to “install [sic]fear” into drivers (quite apart from the man’s evident illiteracy).  That is not how policing works in this country, at least not for what are essentially administrative issues such as inadvertantly straying 1mph over an already low limit.

In a crowded field this man must be a strong contender for stupidest copper in the country.



The Daily Mail and Firearms

What an odd place the Daily Mail Online is!

Its chief attraction to impoverished olive pickers like your host, is of course that it’s “free at the point of use” (like certain other national treasures) and as a result probably picks up more traffic than the readibility and reliability of its content would otherwise justify.

This made my blood boil:


It  would appear that the Derbyshire coppers have a cadet programme in which children are encouraged to get to know the police. see how they work and presumably (we hope)  grow up to be law abiding and a credit to their communities.

Not a bad idea.  Unfortunately part of the course involved a visit to a firing range to talk about the firearms unit.  A photo was taken and posted on Twitter and all hell  let loose – who could ever have seen that coming?

The quote that caught my eye particularly was this from some nasty outfit  of tinpot little fascists called the “Gun Control Network” (who, they? – Ed)

This photo is either mad or bad. The police have no business encouraging young people to develop an interest in guns.

Who better than the police to inculcate the idea that firearms are not toys, need to be treated with respect, but if they are then they are not per se dangerous

We want fewer guns around, not more.

we want fewer illegal firearms in circulation, as it is these which are used to commit crime.  Legally held firearms in the possession of law abiding citizens tend to reduce crime, and so the more the merrier

As anyone with an ounce of common sense knows, there is a high correlation between the number of guns in a country and the level of gun violence.

Total lie.  There may very well be a correlation between the number of armed criminals in circulation and the amount of crime.  The way to reduce that is to lock ’em up, and don’t let ’em out early (or don’t let ’em in in the first place?)

There is no correlation whatever between numbers of legally held weapons and crime.  High rates of legal firearm ownership in Swizerland and Finland do not translate into high rates of firearm crime, and in the USA so far as one can tell (the data is massively politicised) crime rates are inversely correlated to the strictness of firearms legislation, with the highest in cities such as Chicago where the laws are strictest.  The determining factor is not the gun laws in place in any given state, but the rates of gang membership and drug crime.  These latter unfortunately are correlated with the black population of these places which adds a further level of complication to an already hopelessly politicised issue.

Disarming law abiding citizens does nothing to reduce the number of weapons in the hands of people who may be tempted to use them to commit crime.  Gun laws in the UK are already far too restrictive.

Not so many years ago young lads were learned to shoot at school.  I did at university.

The sad thing is that rather than stand their ground the coppers folded immediately and ceded the moral high ground to the morons from GCN.

Shooting is great fun as well as being an olympic sport and boys especially benefit from its discipline, and who can resist the smell of cordite!

The idea that seeing a firearm means a child immediately being transformed into a mass murderer or bank robber is too ridiculous for words but seems to be par for the course in Daily Mail world.


Hello world!

At long last, the elephant heaved  and heaved and brought forth a mouse.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for years but found it easier to read other people’s…

Anyway here we are, stick around for some intelligent informed comment.. erm , whatever I can find to copy, sorry that should read, pay homage to.

I’ll be glad to hear your views.