The World’s Smallest Violin

From the Telegraph we read that:

he was such a loving person, and it’s probably something which just went wrong but he shouldn’t have died out of it.

The “something” being the robbery of a house occupied by a pensioner and his wife, aged in their seventies.

the pensioner – who was confronted by two intruders, one of them armed with a screwdriver – may have been trying to protect his wife Maureen…One of the men went upstairs while Vincent scuffled with Mr Osborn-Brooks and was stabbed.

with his own screwdriver.

We salute Mr Osborn-Brooks and wish him well in his forthcoming trial for murder.

Yes the British Justice system is living down to its reputation of frowning on brave people defending their own where the police have dismally failed.

Richard Osborn-Brooks, who has been bailed over Vincent's death

A splendid fellow, in happier times.

We can’t get too upset about the death of Mr Vincent.  A lowlife, habitual criminal, a leech on the poorer classes who were his victims, especially the old and supposedly defenceless.  No great loss to society.

Sound the tiny violins.

And Don’t Let The Door Hit Your Arse On The Way Out

Amid the successive clusterfucks of the May government a piece of good news, very good news actually; the awful Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders has been sacked*.

The Telegraph reports that her tenure started badly:

Operation Elvedon, an investigation into alleged payments by journalists to the police and other public officials. The investigation cost £20million but failed to secure the single conviction of a single journalist who was tried.

and went downhill from there:

Operation Yewtree, an investigation into allegations of historic sex offences involving celebrities. The investigation secured several high-profile convictions, including Gary Glitter, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris and Dave Lee Travis, but attracted criticism from other celebrities who were cleared after extensive investigations.

Her dismissal comes:

as every rape case in the country is under review after the collapse of four rape trials in the space of two months when critical evidence was disclosed just days before cases were due to be heard in court.

The money quote is this:

Mrs Saunders was “more interested in convictions than she was in people being tried fairly”.

And that about sums it up.

*Not sacked actually, but made clear she will not be renewed at the end of her 5 year term


Nemesis In Sight?

Via Zerohedge we read that the “evidence” connecting Russian Intelligence with the Salisbury attack probably wouldn’t stand up in a court of law:

This 6-paged PDF is a powerful evidence of another intellectual low of British propaganda machine. Open it and you can tell that substantially it makes only two assertions on the Skripal case, and both are false

Not so surprising, really.  This document was brought to you by the same geniuses who prepared Tony Blair’s dodgy dossiers, and it was one their old boys, Christopher Steele, who made up up Hilbilly’s “Trump dossier”

It has been obvious from the start that the Russia connection was at best the least unlikely possibility, but much more importantly, that May’s “Handbags at Dawn” approach was almost certainly going to turn into a humiliating defeat, which eventuality seems to be on the horizon and approaching fast.



NB  One caveat about the Zero hedge article; the last paragraph reads:

Have you totally lost your minds, ladies & gentlemen from the Downing Street?

Sounds like something out of a James Bond novel!  The title of the original host publication is “Oriental Review” which I suppose would also ring some alarm bells.

Being British

Raedwald posted today about the considerable gulf between total spending on the Leave campaign in the run up to the Great Referendum, compared with the Remainers, funded as they were by the EU, the Government, the IMF, the Irish and Japanese governments, George fucking Soros etc etc:

Bearing in mind that the Leave spending was all donated by citizens donating their own money to the cause it is a clear indication, after the fact, that the Leave side had a far more committed base and it is perhaps less surprising that we won, than is sometimes made out.

I absolutely share  Radders’ contempt for the motropolitan classes who confusing their own narrow concerns for the public good of the nation, orchestrated the Remain campaign, and continue to fight their spiteful little campaign of rearguard actions and insults.  They are firmly centred on the south east, and for that reason alone,  I would be happy never to travel south of Watford again.

What the vote confirmed once again is that the collective wisdom of the People of this country exceeds that of the Establishment.

Let’s hear it for the yeomen* of England!

  • or should that be yeopeople?



A Very Brave Man, But A Defeat For Free Speech

The world’s law enforcement community has seldom covered itself in glory in recent years.

We have paramilitary police in the US routinely murdering unarmed people, the British police more concerned with jailing the owners of dogs that raise their paws in response to anti-semitic remarks than with doing anything about the systematic rape and abuse of tens of thousands of white working class girls by grooming gangs; and all over Europe gun, knife and grenade crime is on the rise in certain no-go areas, but the main focus of the police seems to be on prosecuting the use of mobile phones while driving.

So it is especially important to honour the memory of Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltrame, the man who voluntarily offered himself as a hostage to crazed islamist lunatic in order to free another person, and who was subsequently murdered for his trouble.  This was an act in the most noble tradition of heroism, of a true servant of the public and a credit to his nation and to his force.

This has not stopped one of his compatriots from tweeting his pleasure at the news of his death:

Stéphane Poussier appeared to celebrate the death of Lt-Col Arnaud Beltrame, saying it was great.

This individual is a part of Melechon’s far-left movement of nasty, embittered cultural marxists, so we should not be too surprised.

Naturally he has been expelled from the party, and now there are moves afoot to prosecute him:

A former French left-wing parliamentary candidate has been arrested over his tweets about a policeman killed during a jihadist siege in southern France last week…French media say he could be charged with apologising for terrorism

That is a shame.  This would have been a good moment to stand up for free speech.

At Italicus Towers, we don’t agree with this man, and in fact find his views loathsome.  But it is our opinion that in a free society he has the right to express that opinion.  So far as we are aware he was not inciting violence (except perhaps by decent people against himself).  Or committing fraud or anything else that should rightly be banned.

So he should be free to make a fool of himself.


No, You’re Wrong

That normally reliable repository of intelligent comment The Continental Telegraph, doubtless wishing to be seen to be publishing a diverse set of opinions, has a piece about gun control in the US by a certain Tom Fuller in which he informs us that:

I don’t believe at all that I have any right to park an Abrams tank in my driveway or a Humvee with a mounted fifty caliber machine gun.

Mmmh, anybody else spot the straw man?

He goes to reassure us that it’s ok, and a nevralgic political issue which has been simmering for decades dividing the country like no other except abortion, is in fact easy to fix, because:

I believe the limits can be drawn quickly and using common sense using those facts. Background checks for all gun sales, prohibition of gun ownership to convicted felons, convicted domestic abusers (there are shamefully some types of domestic abuse not classified as a felony), withdrawal of semi and automatic rifles from the market and a mandatory buyback of such weapons as are already in private hands.

That’s alright then Tom!  Thank goodness you exist!!

We can really only think of a couple of problems with this.  The first is that it wouldn’t do any good.  Automatic weapons are already to all intents and purposes outlawed and have been since at least the 1980s.  Every state has its own gun laws and nearly all require purchasers to be sane and law abiding.  Often however these requirements are ignored.  So how about enforcing the existing laws before making any new stupid ones?

In every free country in the western world except Australia and the UK ownership of semi auto pistols and rifles is permitted under certain reasonable conditions.  The ridicuous laws in the UK and Australia  don’t seem to have led to any significant improvement in the law enforcement situation.  Certainly in the UK at least knife and gun crime are on the rise, and coppers can barely be arsed to try to do anything about it preferring to spend their time trawling twitter for rude comments about mosques or police horses.

In these countries the murder rate is not sky high.  There are next to no incidents.  How can this be?  Because ownership of firearms by law abiding people is totally harmless, and might even be beneficial as criminals are forced to consider that potential victims might be in a position to defend themselves.

The other slight problem that we can see is the bit about the mandatory buy back.  That is a recipe for massive civil disobedience, and possibly civil war and/or secession.  The chances are thousands of people would be hurt and killed if this was attempted.

This blog would tentatively suggest two things that could make a difference.  The first is the wider adoption of Gun Safety Orders in which in a very focused way, specific individuals eg parents, teachers would be able to take legal action to deny temporarily firearm possession to people showing clear signs of imminent disaster such as posting on facebook that they want to become a school shooter.  This has we understand been tried with encouraging results.

Possibly even more important would be a voluntary code of practice in the media, not to publicise the sad losers’ names.  Deny them their 15 minutes of fame.  Deny them, in Mrs Thatchers memorable turn of phrase, the Oxygen of Publicity.

For a few twisted individuals the chance to dominate the news for 24 hours trumps any moral or emotional considerations of right and wrong.  Remove that incentive and with time you will reduce the occurrence.

We are sure that if you plot the frequence and deadliness of these events against the amount of hours of coverage of the 24 hour news cycle you will see a strong correlation.

Spring Forward!

Three weeks have passed since the Italian election of which the only clear result was a resounding kick in the goolies for the pro-EU Socialist Party.

As negotiations continue between the Unspeakable and the Uneatable Italy remains without a government and nobody has any idea what the outcome is likely to be.

Fortunately this situation has not prevented the march of the seasons here, the clocks have gone forwards and my plum trees have burst into blossom despite the late frosts:

(I’m afraid my photographic skills don’t really do them justice!)

Spring is also the time of the year when geese are at their most active in terms of laying eggs (and squawking in the mornings).  Mrs H has found a brilliant way to make poached goose eggs, on bacon and toast what a breakfast:

Washed down with an Aperol Spritz of course (well it IS Sunday!)

Who needs a government?

Missing The Point

There’s a story in the telegraph this morning:

The iconic blue passport is set to make a return 

In a move set to infuriate Brexiteers, sources have told this newspaper that Gemalto, which is listed on the Amsterdam and Paris stock exchanges, is close to signing the contract [to produce the new passport] after undercutting rivals, including a British firm, by around £50 million…Sir Bill Cash, chair of the influential European Scrutiny Committee, said the decision which is expected to be finalised shortly was “completely wrong and unnecessary”.

It seems to this blog that if the Government can save 50m quid of taxpayers’ money, then that’s all good.

The move doesn’t infuriate this brexiteer.  It sends a signal that despite Brexit the UK is determined to trade intelligently with its neighbours.  To deliberately spend 50m more to print them in the UK would have been a stupid move (but not necessarily out of character for the May government).

The point of Brexit is to reclaim sovereignty over these isles, not to behave like North Korea.  The kind of autarky which Bill Cash is apparently clamouring for would certainly guarantee a disastrous outcome for the UK economy.   Wealth comes from trading, and particularly from importing stuff which costs you less than it would to make yourself.  The EU collectively is set up like an autarky (among its many other disastrous failings) and it should be no surprise therefore that it is suppressing wealth creation among its citizens.  Which is going to be the principal economic benefit of leaving.  By stimulating non-EU commerce the laws of comparative advantage will have more scope to work their magic.

Our only slight query is that given the imminent collapse of sterling as reported elsewhere in the paper, we trust that the government has the price nailed down already in GBP?  Don’t answer that…

And So The Betrayals Continue…

Regular readers of this blog, both of them, will not be surprised by the headline in the Telegraph today:

Theresa May is facing a Brexit backlash from Tory MPs over her “abject betrayal” of Britain’s fishermen with rebels planning a fishing boat protest on the Thames

It has been fairly obvious for some time that Mrs May has been preparing the ground for some humiliating betrayal, and England’s fishermen were always a likely target.

Unfortunately they are unlikely to be the last victim’s of Mrs May’s disastrous handling of the whole business.

The truth is there have been alternatives all along the way, and she has consistently chosen the wrong ones.