A Tidal Wave Of Good Intentions

This blog has a lot of time for Michael Gove, by far the ablest minister in Cameron’s government, and in fact the ablest minister in a UK government for some time.  He is bright, decent and honest – a most unusual combination.

He  did good work as Minister of Education, and then his timely adoption of the Brexit cause was an important waypoint in that campaign.

But oh dear, we read in the Telegraph today that he has been spouting some utter dribble:

A tax of up to 22p could be added to plastic bottles to prevent the tide of rubbish flowing into the oceans, under plans announced by Michael Gove on Wednesday…  Announcing the scheme, Environment Secretary Mr Gove said: “We can be in no doubt that plastic is wreaking havoc on our marine environment – killing dolphins, choking turtles and degrading our most precious habitats.

Which brings us to two things:

  • Most of the problem plastic in the world is put there by consumers in Africa and South America.  Measures like this will do absolutely nothing to resolve the problem.
  • I have never thrown away a plastic bottle (as far as I can remember) and the same is true probably for a majority of the population.  I carefully crush them and put them out for recycling.  This plan would mean that I can no longer do that as it would cost me 22p a time (more than the contents of the bottle in many cases).  I or Mrs H will be obliged to fill a box periodically and go and waste an hour of my time getting back our deposits.

It is an insane idea. 

The article goes on to say:

It comes amid speculation that Britain could use some of its overseas aid budget to help Commonwealth countries to cut down on plastic pollution.

No fuck off.  Let’s cut our overseas aid budget altogether and spend it on our own defence.  If these countries want to spend money reducing plastic consumption let them cut down their spending on private jets, swiss bank accounts or nuclear weapons programmes.

A Downing St spokesman said: “Marine pollution, particularly from plastics, is one of the most significant challenges facing the world today and the Commonwealth spread over six Continents is uniquely placed to take transformative action so that future generations can enjoy a natural environment that is cleaner and greener than we currently find it.

No it’s not.  The most serious threat facing the world today is idiots in government wanting to be seen to be virtuous by the kind of people of sign up to Change.org campaigns.

It is that the gains in wealth, wellbeing and freedom over the last centuries of struggle will be squandered by feelgood pinko twats at international conferences.

This blog cares passionately about the environment, and spends its free time working hard to improve the immediate environment around Castello Italicus.

More importantly it recognises that a richer world will be a more environmentally friendly world, as caring for the environment is a luxury afforded only to people who don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from.

The history of care about the environment is a history of people from rich countries who don’t have to work.

Measures like the ones proposed by Gove will reduce wellbeing and wealth, and therefore their contribution will be perforce negative for the environment.


No, You’re Wrong

That normally reliable repository of intelligent comment The Continental Telegraph, doubtless wishing to be seen to be publishing a diverse set of opinions, has a piece about gun control in the US by a certain Tom Fuller in which he informs us that:

I don’t believe at all that I have any right to park an Abrams tank in my driveway or a Humvee with a mounted fifty caliber machine gun.

Mmmh, anybody else spot the straw man?

He goes to reassure us that it’s ok, and a nevralgic political issue which has been simmering for decades dividing the country like no other except abortion, is in fact easy to fix, because:

I believe the limits can be drawn quickly and using common sense using those facts. Background checks for all gun sales, prohibition of gun ownership to convicted felons, convicted domestic abusers (there are shamefully some types of domestic abuse not classified as a felony), withdrawal of semi and automatic rifles from the market and a mandatory buyback of such weapons as are already in private hands.

That’s alright then Tom!  Thank goodness you exist!!

We can really only think of a couple of problems with this.  The first is that it wouldn’t do any good.  Automatic weapons are already to all intents and purposes outlawed and have been since at least the 1980s.  Every state has its own gun laws and nearly all require purchasers to be sane and law abiding.  Often however these requirements are ignored.  So how about enforcing the existing laws before making any new stupid ones?

In every free country in the western world except Australia and the UK ownership of semi auto pistols and rifles is permitted under certain reasonable conditions.  The ridicuous laws in the UK and Australia  don’t seem to have led to any significant improvement in the law enforcement situation.  Certainly in the UK at least knife and gun crime are on the rise, and coppers can barely be arsed to try to do anything about it preferring to spend their time trawling twitter for rude comments about mosques or police horses.

In these countries the murder rate is not sky high.  There are next to no incidents.  How can this be?  Because ownership of firearms by law abiding people is totally harmless, and might even be beneficial as criminals are forced to consider that potential victims might be in a position to defend themselves.

The other slight problem that we can see is the bit about the mandatory buy back.  That is a recipe for massive civil disobedience, and possibly civil war and/or secession.  The chances are thousands of people would be hurt and killed if this was attempted.

This blog would tentatively suggest two things that could make a difference.  The first is the wider adoption of Gun Safety Orders in which in a very focused way, specific individuals eg parents, teachers would be able to take legal action to deny temporarily firearm possession to people showing clear signs of imminent disaster such as posting on facebook that they want to become a school shooter.  This has we understand been tried with encouraging results.

Possibly even more important would be a voluntary code of practice in the media, not to publicise the sad losers’ names.  Deny them their 15 minutes of fame.  Deny them, in Mrs Thatchers memorable turn of phrase, the Oxygen of Publicity.

For a few twisted individuals the chance to dominate the news for 24 hours trumps any moral or emotional considerations of right and wrong.  Remove that incentive and with time you will reduce the occurrence.

We are sure that if you plot the frequence and deadliness of these events against the amount of hours of coverage of the 24 hour news cycle you will see a strong correlation.

Differently Victorious

With all the dark inevitability of a Greek tragedy*, Mrs May continues her betrayal of the British people.

From the Telegraph we read that in her determination to secure an agreement, any agreement, with the EU Mrs May has instructed her so-called “negotiators” to concede every single point of disagreement:

British negotiators expect to clinch a deal on Brexit transition terms as early as this weekend following a series of climbdowns to secure a deal from the EU

To be honest it’s not hard to reach a deal if you give the other side everything they ask for!

Mrs May is basking in cross-party approval of her stance on Russia and the attention of the press is distracted; so, as we suspected, the time is as ripe as it ever will be to give away the farm.

Negotiators are scheduled to work throughout the weekend in a bid to finalise a legal text for the 21-month agreement that will be hailed by Downing Street as a significant win for Theresa May, and a key stepping-stone on the road to Brexit

Of course it is being spun as a victory, (as was Dunkirk) but in truth it has been obvious from the start that May has no stomach for the fight.  As Home Secretary she was notable for her authoritarian instincts allied to a supreme absence of principle.  She has no intellectual attachment to British exceptionalism (we invented the common law after all, which fundamental incompatibility is one of the main reasons why membership of the EU is so profoundly baleful) and in fact has done as much as anybody to consign it to the past.  To treat people who care about their history and their culture as “little Englanders.  Rather like Obama’s contemptuous dismissla of American patriots as people “clinging to their guns and to their bibles”.

She is a managerialist authoritarian and her approach to Brexit has reflected this.  The UK has had plenty of miserable PMs since Thatcher, in fact they have all been.  None of them has made any effort to stand up for the British people.

Well, know this Mrs May – we may have no guns, and we might have swallowed all the humiliation you and your ilk have heaped upon us in all these years.  But in the end we will win, we always have.

It was the British people who forced John to sign Magna Carta, and who cut Charles I head off.

We have form.  And you take the piss at your peril.

*PG Wodehouse

This Won’t End Well

The Telegraph reports the latest words of wisdom from our would-be lords and masters (some senior copper looking to make a name for himself):

Convicted terrorists should be treated like paedophiles and have their children taken away from them, one of the country’s most senior police officers has suggested.

So far so reasonable?  Well, possibly.

Now for the money quote:

Mr Rowley…also warned of the growing threat posed by the extreme Right Wing in Britain.

Anybody who believes that this only applies to people plotting bombs or assassinations – well I’ve got a bridge to sell you.  What this really means is that the government is setting itself up to be able to remove the children from anybody with whom it disagrees.

This dangerous maniac continued:

He accused the controversial pressure group, CAGE, of whipping up “ridiculous claims that all Muslims are terror suspects in the eyes of the authorities” and said Far-Right extremists had set up “whites only” food banks in some cities.

Unlike the authorities themselves of course, who are convinced we are ALL terrorist suspects*; and I am quite sure that nobody in authority would have any objection to a “Blacks Only” food bank, or a “Muslims only” food bank.  This blog has no particular affection for CAGE, doesn’t really know anything about it in fact, but not everything they say is bollocks, obviously.

And anybody who pointed out that this was by definition “Racist” (reasonably enough in the opinion of this blog) would likely be branded a rightwing extremist and have his children taken away.

On the same or at least a similar subject, we have in a separate article:

The new guidance for judges and magistrates says real equality means favouring women and minorities to make up for the disadvantage they suffer.

Whta this means is that certain people are to be legally discriminated against because of their sex or their skin colour.  Objective facts are increasingly being sidelined in favour of feelings –  and this is the language of the left, in particular the montrously destructive language of Cultural Marxism.

This blog has seen it written, elsewhere,  “too late to vote, to early to shoot” – well, that’s still true, but how much longer?


*been through an airport lately?  I booked a flight to the US yesterday.  Looking at the detail of the taxes and charges, there is around 180 euros of security charges – in other words paying for the privilege of being bossed around by idiots

All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

Via Zerohedge:

“According to the U.S. Supreme Court, police have no duty, moral or otherwise, to help those in trouble, protect individuals from danger, or risk their own lives to save “we the people.”

The article is worth reading even if for UK readers (like most of the material on Zerohedge) it can come over as overdramaticised, a touch hysterical.

However, there can be no doubt that what he’s writing is basically correct, and at a time when the chorus to deprive Americans of their constitutional right to defend themselves is seemingly at risk as never before, there is no harm in pointing out some pertinent facts:

  • There really is a deep state at work in the US as in all Western countries which actually does the day to day governing and follows its own agenda (in Europe usually Agenda 21).  In the US the case is particularly severe because the size of Federal spending especially in defence is so absolutely humungous that the scope for personal enrichment is breathtaking.  Let nobody be under any delusions that the same does not happen in the UK.  See the links between senior MoD bods and BAE execs as described in the excellent book “Lions Donkeys and Dinosaurs” by Lewis Page.  The UK deep state is hard at work wrecking Brexit and they might yet succeed.  The old libertarian tag “no matter whoever you vote for, the government still gets in” has never been more true
  • THe US Police is ridiculously over militarised.  Vast amounts of kit left over from Afghanistan and Iraq have been flogged off to police departments all over the country.  And of course when all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  It is only a matter of time before SWAT teams will be enforcing poarking restrictions
  • Already these PDs are laws unto themselves.  There are plenty of stories on the web just in the past year of people whose houses have been broken into, dogs shot etc over completely unfounded drug busts or similar.  Civil forfeiture is a process by which a copper can search your car (usually under false pretences) and any money found can be deemed to be criminal money and disappears into the PD’s coffers.
  • Crime rates in general and gun crime rates in particular are highest where legal gun ownership is least widespread, although this is correlated also with gang membership, drug trafficking and other stuff

The old saying is that “when seconds count the police are just minutes away.”  Now it transpires that even if they were nearer, it wouldn’t matter anyway as they are under no particular obligation to do anything!

There were four armed police officers, including one cop who was assigned to the school as a resource officer, on campus during that shooting. All four cops stayed outside the school with their weapons drawn (three of them hid behind their police cars).

Not a single one of those cops, armed with deadly weapons and trained for exactly such a dangerous scenario, entered the school to confront the shooter.

Seventeen people, most of them teenagers, died while the cops opted not to intervene.

NB while the detail of the UK situation is quite different, the same tendency is absolutely on show.

Rotherham Rape Gangs are left to work their evil on young girls, not a single FGM case has ever been successfully prosecuted, knife and gun crime in the capital is soaring and young men are locked away for rape on the basis of having mobile phone evidence in their favour hidden from defence attorneys.  On the other hand a careless tweet, or calling a police horse gay will be enough to guarantee a visit by her majesties constabularies’ finest.

Habeus corpus has been abandoned for descendents of the people who invented it.  Trial by Jury is going the same way.  The right to stay silent, and Double jeopardy also.

We have nothing to be complacent about over here.


The BBC – Mis-inform, Propagandise and Lobotomise

Further to my last post which began pointing out some nasty tinpot fascism in the poor old Grauniad (if it was a horse it would have been shot years ago) and ended in a rant about the glories of Anglo-sphere values such as the overarching one, always overlooked by lefty commenters, established by Magna Carta, that even the king is subject to the law of the land which in turn derives from the people and hence invented the Common Law, the greatest invention since the wheel, in fact possibly even greater than the wheel – certainly more improbable.

Kids nowadays don’t learn history, they get force-fed loads of lefty crap about exploitation and the second world war and have no idea about important questions like, say Magna Carta or the Glorious Revolution.

But neither did I.  Back in the 70’s I got was probably a slightly less crap education is these vital questions.  But that hasn’t stopped me becoming a sort of right libertarian 19th century burkeian whig and therefore I am optimistic that today’s generations will with time come to the same conclusions as so many of my generation have.  Especially as they realise how the current social democrat blob has fucked them over, with so many of the of the commanding heights of today’s society in the hands of Gramscian long marchers.

And no commanding height is so critical as the BBC.  There are still a significant number of people who get a very significant part of their facts and opinions from Lord Reith’s sadly debased organ.

Since Brexit and Trump’s election the total abandonment of impartiality has become quite disgraceful.  Their stance on global warming is no better.  Facts and opinions are marshalled and disbursed according to their left wing statist world view rather than according to any more objective criteria.

The BBC benefits from a settlement in which it is entitled to extract reasonable sums of money from everybody in the country, at gunpoint, in exchange, supposedly, for verifiable impartiality in its broadcasts.

They have failed in this simple task.

There is no place in a modern economy for a state broadcaster .

Their founding mission was characterised as “to inform, educate and Entertain”.

The reality is that that mission has morphed into “to misinform, propagandise and lobotomise”

Break up the monopoly, sell off the bits.

The Guardian Despises Voters

Actually I imagine the title of this post probably ranks alongside “Does the pope shit in woods” (or whatever) in terms of gratuitous redundancy; but today’s offering is particularly egregious, I really don’t recommend you read it; I did so you don’t have to!

Having swallowed hook, line and sinker the Russia collusion/Hillary-is-a traduced-secular-saint bollocks they are still pushing the line that voters are poor stupid creatures who are unable to look at the state of the world, discuss it with their peers and form opinions based on their perceived facts, personal priorities and moral values.

What the wankers who write the guardian don’t seem to realise is that THe UK and the US, Australia, NZ, Canada are the most sought after places in the world to live because they have been made that way by the people who live there, who have fought revolutions and beheaded kings to create states in which even the king is subject to the law.

European nations often well favoured in terms of climate and natural beauty (eg France, Italy) are second on the list because they are only attractive in as much as they have pretended to copy these great values.  However  they only pretended, their ruling “elites” do not actually believe it.  Which is why the EU Commission for example is above the law (see history of the Lisbon treaty if you doubt that).

The Anglo nations could never have invented the EU which is another reason why we have to leave.