Ignoring The Elephant In The Room

The Telegraph reports that EU commission jackbooted thugs have raided the offices of Fox News in London.

Ostensibly the investigation concerns sports rights and as a would-be consumer if they weren’t so darned expensive, I can half see what they’re getting at.

However as the Telegraph story notes:

The raid comes at an extremely sensitive time for Fox as it seeks a remedies agreement with British watchdogs at the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to secure its heavily delayed takeover of Sky…The CMA is considering an offer from the Murdoch family to spin off Sky News into a separate company or sell it to Disney to assuage concerns that full control of Sky will give them too much sway over the British media. 

The elephant in the room being of course that Fox is far less monopolistic than the BBC, but nobody, in an official capacity at least, is recommending that that monstrosity be broken up.

Might there be more to this than meets the eye:

News of a competition investigation by the European Commission will be viewed as a boost to the US cable giant Comcast, which is seeking to disrupt Fox’s takeover of Sky with its own rival £22bn bid.

News that the investigatory and ball-breaking powers of the EU have been bought and sold bought would hardly surprise anybody here at Castello Italicus.

Lloyd’s Bank

Via Zerohedge, we read that Mr Lloyd Blankfein is planning to step down as head of Goldman Sachs.

Mr Blank-cheque is known mainly for being an exceedingly rich man (which is fair enough) and more scurrilously for becoming and remaining so by wholesale manipulation of government policy, most famously the Grat Bank Bailouts of 2008 in which the lonsuffering taxpayer handed over a sizeable wedge to keep the major Wall Street players from having to sell their helicopters, wives and Long Island mansions into a buyers’ market.

This blog is an enthusiastic supporter of free market capitalism, man’s greatest invention after the common law and the domestication of dogs, but the banking industry has become a machine for wringing out cash from the productive sectors of the economy into the pockets of a self-selected elite with a symbiotic and deeply damaging relationship to the Powers That Be.

Mr Bank-With-Me-At-Your-Peril is only one of a slew of morally bankrupt individuals living the high life thanks to cash exhorted at gunpoint from nurses, lathe-operators and the like, and handed over by Governments devoid of concern for the interests of any but their intimately connected friends who curiously, happen to have a lot of money…

A decent government, which unfortunately neither we nor our American friends have, would concern itself with ensuring that while the necessary steps are taken to ensure that the banking industry does not fail cataclysmically, it is equally impossible to pocket the profits and socialise the losses.


Vast Organisation Mindfucks Voters!

Brendan O’Neill has a piece, as ever well worth reading, in the Speccie putting to the sword the absurd idea that Cambridge Analytics has destroyed the world by brainwashing voters using their facebook data:

We’re meant to believe that Donald Trump won the presidential election and Brexit was victorious in the EU referendum because sinister rich and right-wing people trawled social media, harvested our inner-most lives, and then planted messages that ‘mind-fucked’ us into voting for things we shouldn’t have voted for? This is straight out of the David Icke school of political thought (I say thought…) where it is always assumed that faceless malevolent actors are puppeteering public life and secretly controlling people’s minds and behaviour. This might be the moment when the paranoid style of thinking went mainstream

However this blog is convinced that, certainly in the UK, there is one organisation at least abusing users’ faith in it and working to twist and form the electorate’s opinions in a leftward pro-EU direction.

That is of course the BBC, which has mutated from the essentially decent bumbling pro-British but even then somewhat earnest and well meaning media organisation of my childhood into a vast highly politicised instrument of the Common purpose cultural marxist wing of the political “elite”.

The BBC has been absolutely relentless in pushing its anti-Brexit, ant-Trump pro-Global Waring agenda, that is a demonstrable fact, and is in contravention of its founding principles.  It has not been above lying and coercion in order to do so.

Lately the labour left (whom Stalin himself would have purged as being too extreme) have been complaining about something called hatgate in which the BBC have apparently published a photo of comrade Corbyn looking like Krushchev, and clamouring that this is proof of political bias.

Could be a good moment to agree with them then get the whole rotten mess shut down.

Paging Mr Ecks!