The Non-existent Irish Problem And May’s Treachery

The poor old Grauniad is not un-relieved crap and today for instance in the much maligned (and generally, rightly so) CiF section there is a thoughtful and robustly written contribution by Sean Walsh.

Essentially his point is that the whole so-called Irish border problem which is convulsing the UK cabinet and has been for weeks is so much hot air.  The IRA is not going to relight their nasty campaign of murder, intimidation and vandalism for the simple reason that the only reason they signed up to the Belfast agreement in the first place was that they were beaten militarily, mainly thanks to diligent and courageous police and intelligence work over many years.

In fact viewed from the lofy heights of Castello Italicus the whole imbroglio is very suggestive of the true facts on the ground.  The mechanism by which May was manouvred into number 10 by the EU Commission is not yet clear, but there is no doubt in my mind that she has been well and truly nobbled.  Her persistence with the insane proposal for a customs partnership is proof of that.  As is the complete failure to engage with reality, and propose an EEA/EFTA transition period.  In this scenario we would be out of the Customs Union, out of the EU, but with good access to the single market much as have Norway and Switzerland.  It is no coincidence that they are the richest nations in Europe.

The precise details would need to be ironed out such as EU migration and so on, but this would be a situation which any PM worth her salt could sell to back benchers and the electorate, rgardless of how they voted in 2016.  Damage to the economy would be minimised, and despite all the shit talked about fax diplomacy (which is simply a lie, as has been pointed out by Dr North on several million occasions) would be safely negated by the truth.

The current bollocks and counter bollocks arguments, so strongly reminiscent of arguing about how many angels can dance on a pin head,  serve only to make the whole issue seem impossible and can best be understood as a Continuity Project Fear (to continue with the IRA meme).  Orchestrated by Brussels, with the collaboration of senior members of the civil service.

My gut feeling is that the EEA/EFTA rabbit is straining to be pulled out of the hat but Brussels via Mrs May’s team won’t allow that.

And on the Irish border question the answer is simply do nothing.  We the UK won’t put up hard border posts.  If the Irish do under instructions from Brussels then that is their problem.  In other words stand our ground, turn the problem round.  And she won’t do that either.

It is clear to me that May is acting under instructions from Brussels.  It is quite possible that Cameron’s over-hasty departure after losing was prompted by having received curt instructions from Brussels to “Fix It Or Else” and as a reasonably honourable though dim individual he opted to leave it to someone else.

May’s conduct is explicable only by this theory.



Home Truths In The Grauniad – Shock Horror

The Grauniad, notable since its fall from being the rather splendid Manchester Guardian mainly for its slavish devotion to right-on hypocrisy and socialist lies and fake news (and tax avoidance), just occasionally manages to print a piece worth reading.

Via Guido, I commend to my reader this item by Ken Crawford (who must be smart as he went to St Andrews; cue chorus of “Gaudeamus Ignitur” etc ad nauseam!).

Bravely (in the Grauniad) he makes the point:

Somehow the role of the white male in ending Islam’s leading role in the slave trade never features, nor that of the men who argued for women’s equality in law and democracy. In the key disciplines that have shaped the western culture we all enjoy it is the white male we have most to thank. A world absent Galileo, Da Vinci, Newton, Darwin, Kant, Descartes, Fleming, Freud, Watt, Jung, Einstein and many others would be an unimaginably worse place, wracked with disease and scraping an agrarian existence. 

Of course, some at the Grauniad think that wouldn’t be a bad result, but still.  He goes on:

This ideology borrows strongly from Marxist doctrine and its dream of a Socialist utopia of equality. We don’t have to think too hard about where this road leads because it has already been trodden, a road slick with blood and corpses stacked on the verge as far as the eye can see. We learn in school about the dangers of right-wing identity politics, Hitler and the road to the gas chambers. Rightly so but the education system omits the equal danger from the leftist doctrine that has killed far more than the Nazis. Pol Pot, having been schooled by French intellectuals in the wisdom of Marxist doctrine, returned home to Cambodia and launched an equality programme …[in which]… perhaps 2 million perished. Stalin’s Russia accounted for perhaps 20 million deaths under its equality is driven collectivisation programme. Worse was to happen in China where around 45 million deaths can be attributed to Mao and the ‘Great Leap Forward’. 

And Dolcis in fondo:

It is not perfect but the capitalist system is the best, most merit-based system humans have been able to create.

Also true.

The article started off grumbling about identity politics.   Which is all about Group Rights.  There is no such thing as Group Rights.  There can be only Individual Rights and these are endowed by our creator whoever he (she or it) is.

So-called Group Rights are nothing more than shorthand for legalised expropriation from non-members of the favoured Groups.

Martin Luther King, a very great man, one of the greatest men of the 20th century, would never have stood for this bollocks.  In his words:

And when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: ‘Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!’



The Guardian Despises Voters

Actually I imagine the title of this post probably ranks alongside “Does the pope shit in woods” (or whatever) in terms of gratuitous redundancy; but today’s offering is particularly egregious, I really don’t recommend you read it; I did so you don’t have to!

Having swallowed hook, line and sinker the Russia collusion/Hillary-is-a traduced-secular-saint bollocks they are still pushing the line that voters are poor stupid creatures who are unable to look at the state of the world, discuss it with their peers and form opinions based on their perceived facts, personal priorities and moral values.

What the wankers who write the guardian don’t seem to realise is that THe UK and the US, Australia, NZ, Canada are the most sought after places in the world to live because they have been made that way by the people who live there, who have fought revolutions and beheaded kings to create states in which even the king is subject to the law.

European nations often well favoured in terms of climate and natural beauty (eg France, Italy) are second on the list because they are only attractive in as much as they have pretended to copy these great values.  However  they only pretended, their ruling “elites” do not actually believe it.  Which is why the EU Commission for example is above the law (see history of the Lisbon treaty if you doubt that).

The Anglo nations could never have invented the EU which is another reason why we have to leave.