Hold the front page – Top copper is a moron

Well no surprises there, you might think?

And you’d be right, but that’s no reason not to call them out on it.  From the Mail , this:

In his speech at the Police Federation roads policing conference yesterday, Mr Bangham said he believed speeding drivers were no longer afraid enough of being caught…  there should be more penalty points, fines and prosecutions to install fear in drivers.

Gratifyingly, there has been a torrent of abuse and scorn heaped upon this person’s head and plenty of accurate reasons why he’s talking dangerous bollocks.

However the one aspect that hasn’t been mentioned is this man’s expressed desire to “install [sic]fear” into drivers (quite apart from the man’s evident illiteracy).  That is not how policing works in this country, at least not for what are essentially administrative issues such as inadvertantly straying 1mph over an already low limit.

In a crowded field this man must be a strong contender for stupidest copper in the country.



The Daily Mail and Firearms

What an odd place the Daily Mail Online is!

Its chief attraction to impoverished olive pickers like your host, is of course that it’s “free at the point of use” (like certain other national treasures) and as a result probably picks up more traffic than the readibility and reliability of its content would otherwise justify.

This made my blood boil:


It  would appear that the Derbyshire coppers have a cadet programme in which children are encouraged to get to know the police. see how they work and presumably (we hope)  grow up to be law abiding and a credit to their communities.

Not a bad idea.  Unfortunately part of the course involved a visit to a firing range to talk about the firearms unit.  A photo was taken and posted on Twitter and all hell  let loose – who could ever have seen that coming?

The quote that caught my eye particularly was this from some nasty outfit  of tinpot little fascists called the “Gun Control Network” (who, they? – Ed)

This photo is either mad or bad. The police have no business encouraging young people to develop an interest in guns.

Who better than the police to inculcate the idea that firearms are not toys, need to be treated with respect, but if they are then they are not per se dangerous

We want fewer guns around, not more.

we want fewer illegal firearms in circulation, as it is these which are used to commit crime.  Legally held firearms in the possession of law abiding citizens tend to reduce crime, and so the more the merrier

As anyone with an ounce of common sense knows, there is a high correlation between the number of guns in a country and the level of gun violence.

Total lie.  There may very well be a correlation between the number of armed criminals in circulation and the amount of crime.  The way to reduce that is to lock ’em up, and don’t let ’em out early (or don’t let ’em in in the first place?)

There is no correlation whatever between numbers of legally held weapons and crime.  High rates of legal firearm ownership in Swizerland and Finland do not translate into high rates of firearm crime, and in the USA so far as one can tell (the data is massively politicised) crime rates are inversely correlated to the strictness of firearms legislation, with the highest in cities such as Chicago where the laws are strictest.  The determining factor is not the gun laws in place in any given state, but the rates of gang membership and drug crime.  These latter unfortunately are correlated with the black population of these places which adds a further level of complication to an already hopelessly politicised issue.

Disarming law abiding citizens does nothing to reduce the number of weapons in the hands of people who may be tempted to use them to commit crime.  Gun laws in the UK are already far too restrictive.

Not so many years ago young lads were learned to shoot at school.  I did at university.

The sad thing is that rather than stand their ground the coppers folded immediately and ceded the moral high ground to the morons from GCN.

Shooting is great fun as well as being an olympic sport and boys especially benefit from its discipline, and who can resist the smell of cordite!

The idea that seeing a firearm means a child immediately being transformed into a mass murderer or bank robber is too ridiculous for words but seems to be par for the course in Daily Mail world.


Hello world!

At long last, the elephant heaved  and heaved and brought forth a mouse.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for years but found it easier to read other people’s…

Anyway here we are, stick around for some intelligent informed comment.. erm , whatever I can find to copy, sorry that should read, pay homage to.

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