We’ve Been Here Before

There’s a story this morning, in the Mail (of course, well it’s free!):

Masked thugs invaded a talk organised by a university free speech society last night before setting off smoke bombs and attacking security guards.  The self-proclaimed ‘antifascist’ protesters forced their way into the King’s College London lecture hall and grabbed the speakers’ microphones before smashing windows and leaving notes threatening the moderator.

Not such a recent or unique phenomenon unfortunately, this kind of bollocks has been going on for a while on campuses across the USA.

Several security guards were punched and had to go to hospital, according to the organisers, who were forced to evacuate the building and call the police.

The police version of events is rather different:

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they had attended the event but said its officers had not heard of any injuries.  ‘Police were called at 6.50pm on Monday, 5 March to reports of a disruption at King’s College, Westminster,’ a spokesman said.  ‘A group of people are believed to have forced their way into a building and set off fire alarms and a smoke bomb.  ‘The group were had dispersed by the time police arrived. There have been no reported injuries. No arrests. Enquiries continue.’

So the police couldn’t give a shit.  Why do we continue paying them?

The way these antifa lunatics take the name of great men like ML King and use them in a manner which would horrify King, is sickening.

It seems unnecessary to point out how this behaviour brings to minds the early days of the real Nazi party in Munich.  The tragic irony seems lost on these people.


Shoulder To Shoulder?

From Breitbart:

Unveiled by the government last week with a commitment to spend €116 billion, the document outlines plans to boost the Irish nation’s 4.7 million population by another million using mass migration.

The government’s strategic communications unit paid for sponsored “news pieces” to appear in national and regional newspapers promoting Ireland 2040, which “could not include negative or critical content”, The Times reported on Friday.

No comment required really.

I seem to recall that in 1916 a bunch of Irish patriots* rose up against their legitimate government and are now hailed as heroes.

Might be time to rehabilitate that spirit?  Even more than the British government ever did in Ireland, these cunts are taking the piss.

*While others were fighting and dying in France…

Election Day In Italy

Our regular reader certainly won’t be expecting insightful analysis or comment, but one feels obliged to comment on what could be quite a significant event in one’s own bailiwick, so to speak.

It’s pretty obvious that the most important issue is that of uncontrolled immigration of africans who are steadily filling up all the pblic squares of Italy.

Insult has been added to injury by the complete refusal of the (socialist) government to acknowledge concerns by normal people about this issue which has left the right to make the running and as a result they look almost certain to win the most votes in the election.

Not by the way because the Italians are racist – they are a bit (like everybody) –  but like most Europeans they are decent and generous.  No, the reason is that they are fed up of their government taking the piss.

This bog’s prediction therefore is that the centre right coalition will win –  The 5 star movement which looked like the great white hope in the last two elections (under their founder, comic Beppe Grillo, their slogan was “Fuck off”) has joined the mainstream and, horror of horrors, has also talked about firearm control.  So bollocks to that.

So we are left with an unholy trinity:

  • Berlusconi (the most recent properly elected PM, sacked some 6 years ago), famous mostly for his improbable hair and magnificent orgies.  He was PM on and off for at least a decade before that and achieved nothing beyond a few changes in the law to prevent being locked away for his own past indiscretions.  Certainly he achieved nothing that would benefit the entrepreneur class, who in Italy is about the most put upon in the world.
  • Then there is Matteo Salvini, an unattractive demagogue whose party’s original aim was the seccession of the north from “Roma Ladrona”  (“thieving Rome”) actually quite a noble aim!  This blog has never really liked Salvini, but also has found it hard to disagree with anything he says.  In public at any rate.
  • Finally Mrs Meloni’s Brothers of Italy – the nearest to the out-and-out fascists, subject of endless Grauniad, NYT and BBC pearl clutching, but not really at all.  Mussolini-esque Fascism is dead in Italy, even the left admit it.  The real fascists are Casa Pound with their 1% of support, and far from committing acts of violence it is their supporters who are being beaten up by leftist thugs.  Fratelli seem to be anti immigrant, anti-free market, anti Euro.  A mixed bag of populist attitudes perhaps broadly comparable with Trump, without the devastatingly skillfu use of social media.

So it is this unlovely bunch who will most likely gain more votes than the even more unattractive PD (pro-Brussels socialists like Renzi) but the really interesting question is what sort of government will be formed aterwards.  It is a matter of historical record that in recent years the colour of governments in Italy has bourne precious little resemblance to the votes cast.  The most recent PM who had any proper democratic legitimacy was Berlusconi who was forced out after he made some injudicious comments regarding the Euro.  He has been followed by a succession of grey men whose names nobody can remember.  The most recent one is Gentiloni (we think).

So the evidence is strong that what really counts is not the votes cast by Italians but the votes cast by unelected powercrats in Brussels.  Will they manage to finesse things this time to avoid an anti-Brussels administration in Rome?  the answer is almost certainly yes, but how they will manage it, and what will be the consequences in terms of ill will and political argy bargy are far from clear.  Italy is pretty well ungovernable to start with, but if serious popular discontant took off then it could be interesting.

For example,  it is well known that the Italian banks, all on life support are the weak underbelly of the European financial system.

The Euro is killing Italian manufacturing in favour of the Germans – at some point this frustration will be made manifest.

So, there is the overarching question.  When peoples are denied their will to determine things peacefully they get determined by violence.  The Italians are very far from violent rebellion, obviously.  Life is good despite all the shite.  But it is a very fine line.  Things should be an awful lot better.

And the Italian people know exactly whom to blame.


How To Do Good, Really

This blog’s traditional Saturday consists of waking up, shaking off Friday’s hangover, going shopping for animal feed and ammunition and then cooking up a delicious pastaciutta while listening to the Delingpole podcast in which the eponymous host talks right wing bollocks with a selected guest.

Delingpole might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but this week’s conversation was actually quite brilliant.  The guest’s name is Harriet Sergeant and she is a Fellow at the (relatively sound) Centre For Policy Studies.  The first part of the podcast discusses Harriet’s work interviewing poor teenage males to find out why they are such losers.  As part of this work she made friends with gang members in Brixton.  The conversation is well worth listening to in its entirety, but the chief take away is that these guys, 15-16 years old,  drop out of school mostly because of problems (particularly with literacy), and make a life for themselves selling drugs and getting into fights.  Jobcentres and welfare are anathema for them as being signs of being losers.  Constantly hungry, failed by their parents (presuambly welfare junkies, all) and by their care homes (teenage boys are for sure more difficult to deal with than girls), all they want is to strive for independence.  Why do so many boys fail at school, especially state schools?  The answer is that state schools are hopelessly feminised.  The biological fact that boys are different from girls is ignored, it’s much easier to deal with girls, there are hardly any male teachers nowadays, and as a consequence boys suffer.  And the most vulnerable end up on the street selling drugs.

The conversation moved on to the manifest failures of the headline charity organisations in Africa and other places, and for sure the same dynamic applies.  By focussing on handing out vast sums of taxpayers’ cash rather than enabling these countries to trade their way out of poverty, the charitable sector and their government backers have managed to piss away over a trillion dollars in 50 years.  The UK government has gven itself an obligation to spend 0.7% of GDP in this way.  Doesn’t matter a fuck what the money is spent on… There is no analysis of what spending produces what results.  They are struggling to give away so much. An amount by the way which corresponds to nearly a half of spending on defence in this country, the government’s fundamental responsability, where the money is spent with equal incompetence but it is rather less difficult to find stuff to spend it on.

The results are plain to see.  East Asian countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong which have not been overrun with NGOs have done well and are mostly richer than European countries.  All over Africa we see the opposite.

The EU is not without blame of course, its Common Agricultural Policy ensures that tariffs against African agricultural exports keeps them uncompetitive whilst ensuring high prices for European consumers, who therefore get stung twice – once in high food prices and again in taxes to pay to keep africans in poverty, and then again, a third time, to maintain the few rich ones who can afford to escape to Europe to spend the best years of their lives riding around on bicycles, uselessly on the dole.

The young lads documented by Harriet are the spiritual descendents of the men commemorated on every public square in England.  Restless, energetic, ambitious, in need of discipline, hierarchy and a way to fill their lives they should be regarded as a resource not a problem.  But the way to help them and help ourselves is not through the usual failed left shite nostra of welfare.  They want to be independent.  They want to make their lives.


This Won’t End Well

The Telegraph reports the latest words of wisdom from our would-be lords and masters (some senior copper looking to make a name for himself):

Convicted terrorists should be treated like paedophiles and have their children taken away from them, one of the country’s most senior police officers has suggested.

So far so reasonable?  Well, possibly.

Now for the money quote:

Mr Rowley…also warned of the growing threat posed by the extreme Right Wing in Britain.

Anybody who believes that this only applies to people plotting bombs or assassinations – well I’ve got a bridge to sell you.  What this really means is that the government is setting itself up to be able to remove the children from anybody with whom it disagrees.

This dangerous maniac continued:

He accused the controversial pressure group, CAGE, of whipping up “ridiculous claims that all Muslims are terror suspects in the eyes of the authorities” and said Far-Right extremists had set up “whites only” food banks in some cities.

Unlike the authorities themselves of course, who are convinced we are ALL terrorist suspects*; and I am quite sure that nobody in authority would have any objection to a “Blacks Only” food bank, or a “Muslims only” food bank.  This blog has no particular affection for CAGE, doesn’t really know anything about it in fact, but not everything they say is bollocks, obviously.

And anybody who pointed out that this was by definition “Racist” (reasonably enough in the opinion of this blog) would likely be branded a rightwing extremist and have his children taken away.

On the same or at least a similar subject, we have in a separate article:

The new guidance for judges and magistrates says real equality means favouring women and minorities to make up for the disadvantage they suffer.

Whta this means is that certain people are to be legally discriminated against because of their sex or their skin colour.  Objective facts are increasingly being sidelined in favour of feelings –  and this is the language of the left, in particular the montrously destructive language of Cultural Marxism.

This blog has seen it written, elsewhere,  “too late to vote, to early to shoot” – well, that’s still true, but how much longer?


*been through an airport lately?  I booked a flight to the US yesterday.  Looking at the detail of the taxes and charges, there is around 180 euros of security charges – in other words paying for the privilege of being bossed around by idiots

Saving The World

Having done more than anybody else to end it in the course of the last century it seems that in the present one they are determined to make up for it.

From the Spectator:

Germany’s Federal Administrative Court ruled that Stuttgart, home of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, has the right to ban diesel vehicles from its city centre.

For years Germany has been pushing diesel powered cars and even more damagingly using its influence in the EU to push the same policies across the continent for largely spurious reasons related supposedly to CO2 emissions. German companies have been foremost in lying about the environmental damage they do.  Absurd scrappage schemes (a.k.a. taking money at gunpoint from the poorest in society to help middle class city dwellers up grade the cars a little more often than they would have done) have ensured that the actual amount of CO2 emitted as far higher than it would otherwise have been* (not that anybody on this blog is particularly exercised by that).  But it does mean that in terms of achieving their supposed purpose they have (like most government schemes) achieved the exact opposite.

And now the dominance of the mighty diesel is starting to crumble, starting in its spiritual home.

Well nobody does schadenfreude better than the Germans.

Except that, could it be this is simply a subtle announcement to the world that the Big Three have now got their act together regarding the design and construction of hybrids?  And in fact this is nothing more than the next stage in their war on the taxpayer/consumer?

Or as Clausewitz might have put it, “the continuation of scrappage schemes by other means”?

*on the basis that the most important CO2 emissions during a car’s lifetime occur during its manufacture and delivery (for example steel and aluminium ore extraction and processing are extremely energy intensive); these exceed any possible saving that might be achieved by the vehicle consuming less fuel

All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

Via Zerohedge:

“According to the U.S. Supreme Court, police have no duty, moral or otherwise, to help those in trouble, protect individuals from danger, or risk their own lives to save “we the people.”

The article is worth reading even if for UK readers (like most of the material on Zerohedge) it can come over as overdramaticised, a touch hysterical.

However, there can be no doubt that what he’s writing is basically correct, and at a time when the chorus to deprive Americans of their constitutional right to defend themselves is seemingly at risk as never before, there is no harm in pointing out some pertinent facts:

  • There really is a deep state at work in the US as in all Western countries which actually does the day to day governing and follows its own agenda (in Europe usually Agenda 21).  In the US the case is particularly severe because the size of Federal spending especially in defence is so absolutely humungous that the scope for personal enrichment is breathtaking.  Let nobody be under any delusions that the same does not happen in the UK.  See the links between senior MoD bods and BAE execs as described in the excellent book “Lions Donkeys and Dinosaurs” by Lewis Page.  The UK deep state is hard at work wrecking Brexit and they might yet succeed.  The old libertarian tag “no matter whoever you vote for, the government still gets in” has never been more true
  • THe US Police is ridiculously over militarised.  Vast amounts of kit left over from Afghanistan and Iraq have been flogged off to police departments all over the country.  And of course when all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  It is only a matter of time before SWAT teams will be enforcing poarking restrictions
  • Already these PDs are laws unto themselves.  There are plenty of stories on the web just in the past year of people whose houses have been broken into, dogs shot etc over completely unfounded drug busts or similar.  Civil forfeiture is a process by which a copper can search your car (usually under false pretences) and any money found can be deemed to be criminal money and disappears into the PD’s coffers.
  • Crime rates in general and gun crime rates in particular are highest where legal gun ownership is least widespread, although this is correlated also with gang membership, drug trafficking and other stuff

The old saying is that “when seconds count the police are just minutes away.”  Now it transpires that even if they were nearer, it wouldn’t matter anyway as they are under no particular obligation to do anything!

There were four armed police officers, including one cop who was assigned to the school as a resource officer, on campus during that shooting. All four cops stayed outside the school with their weapons drawn (three of them hid behind their police cars).

Not a single one of those cops, armed with deadly weapons and trained for exactly such a dangerous scenario, entered the school to confront the shooter.

Seventeen people, most of them teenagers, died while the cops opted not to intervene.

NB while the detail of the UK situation is quite different, the same tendency is absolutely on show.

Rotherham Rape Gangs are left to work their evil on young girls, not a single FGM case has ever been successfully prosecuted, knife and gun crime in the capital is soaring and young men are locked away for rape on the basis of having mobile phone evidence in their favour hidden from defence attorneys.  On the other hand a careless tweet, or calling a police horse gay will be enough to guarantee a visit by her majesties constabularies’ finest.

Habeus corpus has been abandoned for descendents of the people who invented it.  Trial by Jury is going the same way.  The right to stay silent, and Double jeopardy also.

We have nothing to be complacent about over here.


Archbishoply Wibble

Justin Welby, Archbish of Cant (careful how you pronounce that) has been sharing with us his thoughts on the evil of Brexit and the joys of untrammelled immigration from the darkest corners of Africa.

Oh yes and sorry, nearly forgot, he completed his holy trinity with the obligatory railing against intelligent management of state spending.

He writes:

Brexit has divided the country – and now we need a new narrative. One that is rooted in all that is best in our history – solidarity, courage, aspiration, resilience and care for each other

-ostentatiously ignoring that whatever divide there is, must have existed also before the great day, and even more egregiously, that the vote for Brexit was “in a very real sense” (that’s the kind of language modern bishops understand) made in consideration of our great history of courage, aspiration  and resilience (as a people that is; our political class has rarely risen to the occasion).

We don’t need to be governed by unelected technocrats in Brussels to help the poor, care for the sick and so on.  He might like to remember a bit of history.  Freedom in this country and in the whole western world can be traced back “in a very real sense” to 1215 and Magna Carta, putting in writing for the first time the idea that kings are subject to the law of the land.

It is hard to imagine Welby as the kind of prelate who would ever have gone out on a limb to end slavery  (I mean the proper kind, involving the Navy, not a handful of vietnamese nail bars)

The great man adds:

Welcoming strangers to our own country and integrating them into our own culture is important.

I’d certainly agree with the second part of that statement.  Why don’t we add, “welcoming strangers who want to integrate” – there we are Justin, fixed it for you!

Finally – Austerity?  what fucking austerity?  The government is still pissing money up the wall as if there was no tomorrow.  Mrs May’s government has made no move to axe spending the way it needs to.  The government is deeply enmeshed in close to half the economic activity of the country, and wherever it intervenes it creates waste, over-regulation, stupidity.

It is the opinion of this blog that government spending needs to be cut by at least 30% – not by axing more infantry regiments or mothballing another frigate, but by shutting down whole departments, in fact all those not directly related to the basic functions of government, which includes spending more on defence and less on diversity coordinators.  Heard it all before.

The CoE by pandering to these lefty shibboleths has lost its credibility completely with its core.  Welby has shown himself once again to be a part of the problem and “in a very real sense” not a part of any useful solution at all.




The Envy Of The World Part 93

Story in the Mail which is tragic partly for the callous incompetence of those responsible:

‘Why won’t the doctor see me, mummy?’: Girl, five, suffering a severe asthma attack died ‘after being turned away by a GP because she was 10 minutes late for her appointment’

and partly for the fact that we are hardly shocked any more by stories such as these.

Barely a week goes by.

The NHS supplanted the CoE as the national religion some years ago and the fires of beelzebub are stoked up in waiting for any politician who dares utter the truth – that a Stalinist monstrosity such as this can never ever reliably deliver decent cost effective health care.

There are other systems in the world which deliver better care for comparable or lower costs (not fucking “Obamacare”, for gawds sake) but France for example or Singapore.  These are generally hybrid systems of single payer or state insurance type, but the key point is that the care is provided by privately managed structures in which healthy competition stimulates innovation which delivers imporved outcomes and lower costs.

The NHS fundamentalists at this point tend to break out into “Post code Lottery!” in a sort of discordant gregorian chant.

However this blog would point out that such variations from post code to post code would be a good thing reflecting over time the divergent needs of different parts of the country.  These differences in performance would lead to the roll out of improved practices and techniques.

Hopefully, it would lead to the redundancy of tens of thousands of administrators who would no longer be required and who add more cost than they do value.

This essential change will come eventually.

How many more kids will die needlessly (or their grandparents of thirst, languishing in their own filth in an NHS death ward) before  then?