Heroes And Villains

Just like the second world war with which it is frequently (and ridiculously) compared the Covid Pandemic has thrown up more than its fair share of individuals who have had a good or a bad war.

“This is not the end, nor is it the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning” – thus Churchill described Monty’s fine victory at the battle of El Alemain. The apparent success of the vaccination campaign is I suppose a sort of D-Day, a connection already made by politicians desperate to flog yet more life out of the WWII dead horse.

But even though it’s not over, and just like the other event, the ramifications will shape our lives indelibly, it is not too soon to start identifying those individuals who have had a good war, and distribute rhetorical white feathers to some others.

So, we can say without fear of contradiction that the role of Lord Haw Haw has been admirably filled by the mainstream media and in particular the BBC whose frenetic and unrelenting propaganda campaign has done so much to cow the population into submitting to the most draconian restrictions on fundamental liberties in our island history. They have done nothing but parrot the government line from the start. And we know why; the BBC is part of the extended government machine, and as for the mainstream press, whose sales and advertising revenues have been plunging for years, have welcomed the government’s massive fear porn campaign as a welcome blast of oxygen. Let us hope that the BBC at least will meet Lord Haw Haw’s end, sooner rather than later.

Obviously Boris Johnson has been shown up as weak, overly eager to please, and unable to lead. The polar opposite of his own self image as a churchillian figure.

Matt Hancock – what a loathsome little man.

On the positive side; trebles all round for talk radio, Julia Hartley-Brewer in particular who has been a giant, holding ministers to account with genuinely forensic questioning, which they weren’t getting elsewhere.

Toby Young has been an unsung hero in Education for years; the founder of the Free Speech Union has masterminded the brilliant Lockdown Sceptics website which has been at the forefront of the dissemination of dissent against the insane lockdown policies.

And a Victoria Cross please, for Lord Sumption who has graced the anti-lockdown movement with a series of incisive and (literally) magisterial interventions. He should be in cabinet.

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