The Great Reset – Book Review

In the words of Dorothy Parker, this is not a book to be tossed aside lightly – it should be thrown with great force.

Poundshop Bond villain Klaus Schwab has acquired an unaccountably vast amount of influence amongst the self proclaimed global “elite”, largely by plying them with expensive food and drink at his converted volcano hideaway at Davos, and telling them what they want to hear.

In this book the master plan is revealed.

Having unleashed on the world a lethal virus (actually in Klaus’s own words “it’s not particularly deadly”) Western governments will shut down their countries’ economies and only reopen them once they can do so in a thoroughly “green” way.  And in a way which will vastly enrich a small coterie of billionaires and other highly networked folk; by an extraordinary coincidence, the same people who attend his meetings.

Actually there might even be some truth in the conspiracy theory; it is undeniable that the actions of (mostly) western governments have been absolutely unfathomable, and certainly not justifiable objectively on the terms described by those same governments. So there is something fishy going on, but probably a severe case of groupthink rather than Klaus’s nefarious conspiracy.

But it could be argued that Groupthink amongst a collection of individuals with infinite resources of wealth and power and an identical worldview is pretty well indistinuishable from a conspiracy anyway.  Pure semantics.

And having said that, there is no doubt that these same governments are heavily bought in to the warblings of Klaus’s World economic forum, especially regarding green issues and so it is inevitable that policy will be influenced accordingly.

Which is my reason for reading this book – Sun Tzu advised to know your enemy as well as you know yourself.

And make no mistake, inside this poorly-written-to-the-point-of-being-incomprehensible book, there is an extraordinarily unpleasant, inhuman manifesto. This is a document which clearly identifies those who would expound or facilitate these policy precriptions as an enemy of the free human being.

It is, not to put too fine a fine on it, a recipe for a global neo-feudalism.  Serfs will own nothing and be happy.  They even have adverts boasting about it.

The people behind this stuff have made no secret of their intentions. It is time to take them at their word and push back as hard as necessary to prevent this being enacted any further.

It is chilling to see how much has already been put in place during the year of Covid.  Absurd, implausible and uncosted “Green” commitments which threaten the coup de grace to our wounded economies.  The war on cash.  Vaccine passports.  The war on free speech by proxy, with tech giants blatantly engaged in shameless internet censorship shutting down dissenting opinions.  Arbitrary closure of small businesses all over Europe and the USA.

It’s not hard to see the outlines of a pogrom against the little man, the individualist, the pioneer.

This is the end point of Gramsci’s leftist march through the institutions.  The singularity at the heart of the leftist, globalist black hole.

If we wish to retain our humanity, and the vast gains that have been made by Western civilization down the ages,  they cannot be allowed to go any further.

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