On The Occasion Of Receiving A Request For Support From Boris Johnson

Dear Boris

I cannot in all conscience donate to the Conservative party for two reasons.

One is that I profoundly disagree with government policy regarding Covid 19.  The insanely authoritarian response is useless, ineffective and disastrously expensive and the astonishing depth of the incompetence on display by the PM, ministers (in general but especially Hancock and young Gavin) and the civil service has made our country a global laughing stock.

The second reason is that thanks to the serious reduction of income I am enjoying as a result of the covid lockdown policies, I am struggling to make the end of the month, in common with the vast majority I suspect of private sector employees and entrepreneurs.

So no.

People like you, your civil servants and the quangocracy generally don’t feel it with your fat index linked salaries and gold plated pensions, all paid for by private sector workers, but I’m telling you now, that you need to make a pretty urgent change of course.

On few occasions in history have the British people been so sorely tested by the casual cruelty and incompetence of their government, and each time it has ended badly.

Best wishes

Jack the dog

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