As Expected, An Absolute Crock Of Merde

After months  of lies, equivocation, deception and betrayal the Prime Minister has finally unveiled the plan her Remoaner Elves have been hammering away at with their Brussels bum-chums all the time while the supposed Brexit secretary and all the rest have been indulging in their little game of charades, with their pathetic simulacrum of good old-fashioned biff-bash negotiation while the real work was going on in the murky, fetid underworld of Whitehall’s political sewers.

It has been obvious since Chequers that betrayal was in the air, but frankly now we are faced with it it is still hard to grasp the dreadful extent of Mrs May’s accomplishment.

On the one hand it has been the most shamefully incompetently handled nego-surrender of all time, which has led to a “deal” which in the vanishingly unlikely event it passes through Parliament, I can only imagine will be signed at Versailles where there is a special railway carriage kept for just such occasions.  AEP in the Telegraph has understandably compared it to Austria’s famous ultimatum to the Serbs in 1914, an irresistible parallel which had occurred to me as well.  At all events the behaviour of the EU is coming to resemble more and more the last days of that doomed empire.

Or possibly it has been the cunningest of cunning plans conjured up by Mrs May in her hitherto unsuspected guise as chess Grand Master, to eat up the time with useless activity, keep her remoaner civil service and the EU occupied digging diplomatic holes and filling them up again all the time working to a conclusion which is the only way a fractious parliament can possibly be united over Brexit, which is in appalled disgust at her pretend proposals, thus assuring a good clean Brexit and all the rest of that good stuff.

Can it really be?

No sentient being could possibly imagine that what she has cobbled together is really a good or acceptable deal.

Equally I find it hard to believe that this ex-failed home secretary would be capable of dreaming up let alone bring to a conclusion such a subtle plot.  Mind you on her side she has the descendents of the people who managed DOUBLE CROSS, so perhaps she has played a blinder?

Only time will tell.

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