Decline And Fall

I was reading an excellent article (as usual) by Rod Liddle in the Speccy in which he descibes the outcome of a ladies cycle race in Canada or somewhere which was won by a self-declared “lady” with a beard and, as far as we can tell, bollocks.

Rod voices the question we are all asking:

this narcissistic idiot’s fragile sensibilities are totally indulged by the authorities, infuriating his female competitors and making a mockery of the sport. How did we get to this stage, where a shrill but microscopically tiny percentage of the population get to have things their way, to the detriment of everybody else?

Obviously like any sane person,  I agree with him 110%.

However, I can’t help thinking that the whole point about civilization is that it is unnatural. The most civilised societies in the world care for their weaker members, look after the environment, save dogs that are stuck on pallets floating down rivers and what have you.

Therefore in a sense all this LGTBDFRDHSLUYGSYTQWERTY crap is an inevitable consequence of deliberately going against nature taken to the nth degree, but who are we to decide which degree civilization should be taken to?

The whole open borders immigration schtuck, that which the Italians describe as “Buonismo” (roughly translated as “Virtue signalling become public policy”) is the same.

It is as though civilization had a built in sell-date, which we in the west are now approaching. What happens after that is not clear, but I’ve stock piled Johnny Walker, tinned food and ammo and intend to sit it out from my hill top fastness.

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