Dealing With Jihadis

It appears that the new DPP, replacing the apocalyptically awful Saunders, is a man who has form prosecuting Islamic terrorists – sounds good, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately his first pronouncements on the job seem to be something to the effect that the poor little lambs to settle back into civilian life, their interlude in jihadi training camps and Syria being imputable to no more than youthful naivité.

he said many Britons who have returned from Isil territory in Syria and Iraq are not being prosecuted and instead need to be reintegrated because they were simply naive…Mr Hill also courted controversy during his short tenure as terror law watchdog by meeting with the Islamist campaign group that praised the Islamic State executioner Jihadi John.

It seems to me that given that travelling overseas to fight for declared terrorist outfits is a crime under UK law, they should all be banged up for the maximum, with no parole and no remission, if nothing else, por encourager les autres.  I further suspect that 95% of the UK population agrees.

What is it with these cunts who cannot undersand this simple truth?


In other news, the Home secretary has “courted controversy” by agreeing to extradite some obnoxious bastards who are almost certainly of a multitude of disgusting crimes, including torture and murder, to the US for trial with the intriguing possibility that they may be sent to the chair.

Well sorry, but we disagree.  I don’t know what the Home Sec’s motives were but justice is likely well down the list.  Looking hard is more like like it as part of the preparation for a leadership bid and knowing what will go down well in the shires, seeing as that he is a muslim himself.

Personally he has gone down in my estimation by this move.  I personally object to the death penalty because I do not accept that the state should have the power of life or death over anybody.  These scum have the right to a fair trial and to languish in jail for the rest of their natural.

Furthermore, I don’t think there is any chance they will be executed because I assume they will be tried at Federal level and that precludes (as I understand it) the death penalty.  That is a state level issue.  It’s all about good optics for Javid.

But justice is too important to be decided by what looks good, so Javid, whom previously I’d rated as a strong contender has messed up (for me).

Finally, why should these bastards be tried in UK for USA.  They are neither British nor American, the crimes were committed in Syria.  They should be handed over to Bashar’s police for investigation and trial.  I have no doubt that the process will be thorough and that documents can be obtained assuring us that they will be treated will all due care and attention.

I seems from the article that they are being held in Syria.  Now that Trump is Bashar’s new best friend the problem seems to me to be very easily solved.

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  1. ” I further suspect that 95% of the UK population agrees.”
    Maybe, but will they make their voices clear and say so?

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