Being British

Raedwald posted today about the considerable gulf between total spending on the Leave campaign in the run up to the Great Referendum, compared with the Remainers, funded as they were by the EU, the Government, the IMF, the Irish and Japanese governments, George fucking Soros etc etc:

Bearing in mind that the Leave spending was all donated by citizens donating their own money to the cause it is a clear indication, after the fact, that the Leave side had a far more committed base and it is perhaps less surprising that we won, than is sometimes made out.

I absolutely share  Radders’ contempt for the motropolitan classes who confusing their own narrow concerns for the public good of the nation, orchestrated the Remain campaign, and continue to fight their spiteful little campaign of rearguard actions and insults.  They are firmly centred on the south east, and for that reason alone,  I would be happy never to travel south of Watford again.

What the vote confirmed once again is that the collective wisdom of the People of this country exceeds that of the Establishment.

Let’s hear it for the yeomen* of England!

  • or should that be yeopeople?



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