A Very Brave Man, But A Defeat For Free Speech

The world’s law enforcement community has seldom covered itself in glory in recent years.

We have paramilitary police in the US routinely murdering unarmed people, the British police more concerned with jailing the owners of dogs that raise their paws in response to anti-semitic remarks than with doing anything about the systematic rape and abuse of tens of thousands of white working class girls by grooming gangs; and all over Europe gun, knife and grenade crime is on the rise in certain no-go areas, but the main focus of the police seems to be on prosecuting the use of mobile phones while driving.

So it is especially important to honour the memory of Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltrame, the man who voluntarily offered himself as a hostage to crazed islamist lunatic in order to free another person, and who was subsequently murdered for his trouble.  This was an act in the most noble tradition of heroism, of a true servant of the public and a credit to his nation and to his force.

This has not stopped one of his compatriots from tweeting his pleasure at the news of his death:

Stéphane Poussier appeared to celebrate the death of Lt-Col Arnaud Beltrame, saying it was great.

This individual is a part of Melechon’s far-left movement of nasty, embittered cultural marxists, so we should not be too surprised.

Naturally he has been expelled from the party, and now there are moves afoot to prosecute him:

A former French left-wing parliamentary candidate has been arrested over his tweets about a policeman killed during a jihadist siege in southern France last week…French media say he could be charged with apologising for terrorism

That is a shame.  This would have been a good moment to stand up for free speech.

At Italicus Towers, we don’t agree with this man, and in fact find his views loathsome.  But it is our opinion that in a free society he has the right to express that opinion.  So far as we are aware he was not inciting violence (except perhaps by decent people against himself).  Or committing fraud or anything else that should rightly be banned.

So he should be free to make a fool of himself.


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