Are We There Yet?

It’s been a journey full of ups and downs, mostly downs, that’s been going on throughout most our adult life; but maybe, just maybe, we are nearly there.

The Mail, bless’em, is carrying a story about how two academics have diddled taxpayers out of 10 grand in order to fund a study that has concluded that playing team sports in schools is racist, as are the values of fair play which we seek to inculcate.

They write:

Its authors … suggest that learning dances from different cultures should be given greater prominence… the emphasis in PE on health and fitness could even be imposing Western ideals of how people’s bodies should look… They also claim that ‘character-building’ practises such as ‘fair play’ have European roots.

As if that were a bad thing rather than one of the crown jewels of our civilization!  These christian values are why Europe is the place where the whole world wants to come and live!!

The end is in sight.

We have reached Peak Cuntery.

Hat tip/ Longrider




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