Differently Victorious

With all the dark inevitability of a Greek tragedy*, Mrs May continues her betrayal of the British people.

From the Telegraph we read that in her determination to secure an agreement, any agreement, with the EU Mrs May has instructed her so-called “negotiators” to concede every single point of disagreement:

British negotiators expect to clinch a deal on Brexit transition terms as early as this weekend following a series of climbdowns to secure a deal from the EU

To be honest it’s not hard to reach a deal if you give the other side everything they ask for!

Mrs May is basking in cross-party approval of her stance on Russia and the attention of the press is distracted; so, as we suspected, the time is as ripe as it ever will be to give away the farm.

Negotiators are scheduled to work throughout the weekend in a bid to finalise a legal text for the 21-month agreement that will be hailed by Downing Street as a significant win for Theresa May, and a key stepping-stone on the road to Brexit

Of course it is being spun as a victory, (as was Dunkirk) but in truth it has been obvious from the start that May has no stomach for the fight.  As Home Secretary she was notable for her authoritarian instincts allied to a supreme absence of principle.  She has no intellectual attachment to British exceptionalism (we invented the common law after all, which fundamental incompatibility is one of the main reasons why membership of the EU is so profoundly baleful) and in fact has done as much as anybody to consign it to the past.  To treat people who care about their history and their culture as “little Englanders.  Rather like Obama’s contemptuous dismissla of American patriots as people “clinging to their guns and to their bibles”.

She is a managerialist authoritarian and her approach to Brexit has reflected this.  The UK has had plenty of miserable PMs since Thatcher, in fact they have all been.  None of them has made any effort to stand up for the British people.

Well, know this Mrs May – we may have no guns, and we might have swallowed all the humiliation you and your ilk have heaped upon us in all these years.  But in the end we will win, we always have.

It was the British people who forced John to sign Magna Carta, and who cut Charles I head off.

We have form.  And you take the piss at your peril.

*PG Wodehouse

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