We’ve Been Here Before

There’s a story this morning, in the Mail (of course, well it’s free!):

Masked thugs invaded a talk organised by a university free speech society last night before setting off smoke bombs and attacking security guards.  The self-proclaimed ‘antifascist’ protesters forced their way into the King’s College London lecture hall and grabbed the speakers’ microphones before smashing windows and leaving notes threatening the moderator.

Not such a recent or unique phenomenon unfortunately, this kind of bollocks has been going on for a while on campuses across the USA.

Several security guards were punched and had to go to hospital, according to the organisers, who were forced to evacuate the building and call the police.

The police version of events is rather different:

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they had attended the event but said its officers had not heard of any injuries.  ‘Police were called at 6.50pm on Monday, 5 March to reports of a disruption at King’s College, Westminster,’ a spokesman said.  ‘A group of people are believed to have forced their way into a building and set off fire alarms and a smoke bomb.  ‘The group were had dispersed by the time police arrived. There have been no reported injuries. No arrests. Enquiries continue.’

So the police couldn’t give a shit.  Why do we continue paying them?

The way these antifa lunatics take the name of great men like ML King and use them in a manner which would horrify King, is sickening.

It seems unnecessary to point out how this behaviour brings to minds the early days of the real Nazi party in Munich.  The tragic irony seems lost on these people.


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