Saving The World

Having done more than anybody else to end it in the course of the last century it seems that in the present one they are determined to make up for it.

From the Spectator:

Germany’s Federal Administrative Court ruled that Stuttgart, home of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, has the right to ban diesel vehicles from its city centre.

For years Germany has been pushing diesel powered cars and even more damagingly using its influence in the EU to push the same policies across the continent for largely spurious reasons related supposedly to CO2 emissions. German companies have been foremost in lying about the environmental damage they do.  Absurd scrappage schemes (a.k.a. taking money at gunpoint from the poorest in society to help middle class city dwellers up grade the cars a little more often than they would have done) have ensured that the actual amount of CO2 emitted as far higher than it would otherwise have been* (not that anybody on this blog is particularly exercised by that).  But it does mean that in terms of achieving their supposed purpose they have (like most government schemes) achieved the exact opposite.

And now the dominance of the mighty diesel is starting to crumble, starting in its spiritual home.

Well nobody does schadenfreude better than the Germans.

Except that, could it be this is simply a subtle announcement to the world that the Big Three have now got their act together regarding the design and construction of hybrids?  And in fact this is nothing more than the next stage in their war on the taxpayer/consumer?

Or as Clausewitz might have put it, “the continuation of scrappage schemes by other means”?

*on the basis that the most important CO2 emissions during a car’s lifetime occur during its manufacture and delivery (for example steel and aluminium ore extraction and processing are extremely energy intensive); these exceed any possible saving that might be achieved by the vehicle consuming less fuel

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