The Envy Of The World Part 93

Story in the Mail which is tragic partly for the callous incompetence of those responsible:

‘Why won’t the doctor see me, mummy?’: Girl, five, suffering a severe asthma attack died ‘after being turned away by a GP because she was 10 minutes late for her appointment’

and partly for the fact that we are hardly shocked any more by stories such as these.

Barely a week goes by.

The NHS supplanted the CoE as the national religion some years ago and the fires of beelzebub are stoked up in waiting for any politician who dares utter the truth – that a Stalinist monstrosity such as this can never ever reliably deliver decent cost effective health care.

There are other systems in the world which deliver better care for comparable or lower costs (not fucking “Obamacare”, for gawds sake) but France for example or Singapore.  These are generally hybrid systems of single payer or state insurance type, but the key point is that the care is provided by privately managed structures in which healthy competition stimulates innovation which delivers imporved outcomes and lower costs.

The NHS fundamentalists at this point tend to break out into “Post code Lottery!” in a sort of discordant gregorian chant.

However this blog would point out that such variations from post code to post code would be a good thing reflecting over time the divergent needs of different parts of the country.  These differences in performance would lead to the roll out of improved practices and techniques.

Hopefully, it would lead to the redundancy of tens of thousands of administrators who would no longer be required and who add more cost than they do value.

This essential change will come eventually.

How many more kids will die needlessly (or their grandparents of thirst, languishing in their own filth in an NHS death ward) before  then?

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