Archbishoply Wibble

Justin Welby, Archbish of Cant (careful how you pronounce that) has been sharing with us his thoughts on the evil of Brexit and the joys of untrammelled immigration from the darkest corners of Africa.

Oh yes and sorry, nearly forgot, he completed his holy trinity with the obligatory railing against intelligent management of state spending.

He writes:

Brexit has divided the country – and now we need a new narrative. One that is rooted in all that is best in our history – solidarity, courage, aspiration, resilience and care for each other

-ostentatiously ignoring that whatever divide there is, must have existed also before the great day, and even more egregiously, that the vote for Brexit was “in a very real sense” (that’s the kind of language modern bishops understand) made in consideration of our great history of courage, aspiration  and resilience (as a people that is; our political class has rarely risen to the occasion).

We don’t need to be governed by unelected technocrats in Brussels to help the poor, care for the sick and so on.  He might like to remember a bit of history.  Freedom in this country and in the whole western world can be traced back “in a very real sense” to 1215 and Magna Carta, putting in writing for the first time the idea that kings are subject to the law of the land.

It is hard to imagine Welby as the kind of prelate who would ever have gone out on a limb to end slavery  (I mean the proper kind, involving the Navy, not a handful of vietnamese nail bars)

The great man adds:

Welcoming strangers to our own country and integrating them into our own culture is important.

I’d certainly agree with the second part of that statement.  Why don’t we add, “welcoming strangers who want to integrate” – there we are Justin, fixed it for you!

Finally – Austerity?  what fucking austerity?  The government is still pissing money up the wall as if there was no tomorrow.  Mrs May’s government has made no move to axe spending the way it needs to.  The government is deeply enmeshed in close to half the economic activity of the country, and wherever it intervenes it creates waste, over-regulation, stupidity.

It is the opinion of this blog that government spending needs to be cut by at least 30% – not by axing more infantry regiments or mothballing another frigate, but by shutting down whole departments, in fact all those not directly related to the basic functions of government, which includes spending more on defence and less on diversity coordinators.  Heard it all before.

The CoE by pandering to these lefty shibboleths has lost its credibility completely with its core.  Welby has shown himself once again to be a part of the problem and “in a very real sense” not a part of any useful solution at all.




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