And so to the fair city of Edinburgh for the annual formality of retaining the Calcutta cup (Scotland vs. England Rugby Union).

Unfortunately there seems to have been a slight problem.  Someone seems to have put cocaine into their porage, and the same mischievous individual seems to have put something else, sleeping pills or something, in the fine upstanding English chaps’ bacon and egg.

Anyway the Calcutta cup has remained north of Hadrian’s wall for the first time this century and deservedly so.

But of course this blog is nothing if not sporting so well done you splendid scottish fellows,, while you’re at it you might want now to beat Ireland as well, strictly in the spirit of fairness mind?

Oh and one last thing – that fucking anthem of yours… gents, it’s utter pants!  Noone loves the bagpipes more than your humble blogger but that is the utter pits.  With so many noble scottish tunes to choose from, this blog’s particular favourite would be “Scotland the Brave”

YOu’ve sorted your game plan, now it’s time to get the important bits right!

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