Here We Go Again

Never one to pull his punches when it comes to calling out right-on progressive bollocks Richard Littlejohn (at the Mail, where else?) has injected some common sense into the furore surrounding the announcement by the nation’s favourite artist of the 10m board, Tom Daly and his husband (who, he?) that they are to become fathers.

“What furore?” you might say?  Well that’s exactly the point – it seems to have become accepted that two blokes can have a baby, just like that.

My suspicion is that somewhere, somehow, a woman is involved, although quite possibly not THAT involved, acting more as a sort of receptacle cum incubator.  Rather demeaning to women I’d have thought to downplay her role to the extent it has been and I wait with bated breath a howl of the outrage from the usual feminazi suspects.

Well actually I don’t because the kaliedescope has been shifted and the pieces have come down again, to coin a phrase and in the victimhood/privilege hierarchy of February 2018, gays wanting a baby trump being a mere normal woman and certainly the rights of the baby take a definite back seat.

As it happens I am not quite an admirer of Mr Daly (I don’t want to be misunderstood !) but certainly think he seems a thoroughly decent sort of fellow and I am quite sure his baby will want for nothing and will be brought up with love and care.

By the time he is old enough to care it will most likely be so unexceptional to be a child of two gay men that he will suffer no bullying at school from less right on children, and will grow up well adjusted and happy.

And yet, but still, I am not personally in favour of children being brought up without a mother.  THe human psyche is a complicated thing and we have no idea really of what sorts of emotional issues may be created when a generation of children are brought up in these conditions.

I’m happy for Tom Daly and I wish him, indeed them, well; but would rather it didn’t become normal.


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