Churchill, EU

It is relatively rare that Churchill’s name is invoked remoaner bollocks because most people (even remoaners) are aware of the fact that while WSC was in broadly in  favour of some sort of European federation the only deeper ties he would have accepted would have been with the USA, for quite obvious reasons.

However there are still some, and Felix Klos, author of  “Churchill’s Last Stand: The Struggle to Unite Europe” has repeated the same old nonsense, and it is desirable once again to point out the truth.  The following quote is sufficient to debunk the idea:

Churchill was himself clearly not a ‘European’ at all. If he had had his way, Britain would have been ‘associated’ with a Europe that would extend from Lisbon to Brest-Litovsk… but would never have formed part of it herself. Why the European federalists should have apparently thought at one time that he was thinking of British membership of a federal Europe I have never understood. He always made it quite clear that Britain, if he had anything to do with it, would stand aloof – Gladwyn Jebb, Britain’s representative at the Brussels Treaty Permanent Commission and later MEP

Andrew Roberts in the Spectator is more erudite than I could hope to aspire to (paywalled, but the Spectator is most definitely worth the subscription).

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