Thoughts On France

I have no doubt France couldn’t really give a shit what I think, but anyway, here goes…

Spent a couple of days there this week and also last week.

They’d had a few inches of snow in Paris and the whole place was paralysed – so like dear old Blighty.

Stayed in a cheapish hotel near Orly – arrive there at 5pm – not a soul to be seen just an automated check in which didn’t work.  After phoning their help line twice I eventually got in.  However you can’t help remembering facts like this when you read about how their productivity is higher than the UK – that is because many many low value added jobs have been automated (which might not have been yet in the UK) because of the extraordinary costs and general ball breaking of employing people there.

However, what a beautiful country it is and, sadly I have to report that every single meal I had was delicious, plus luxuries such as butter in sandwiches.  Half litre pitcher (nearly a pint) of highly drinkable red for 6-8 euros washing down a freshly grilled entrecot over an open fire (and this is in a chain restaurant)

Odd isn’t it – England and France so opposite and yet so alike?  And in unexpected ways.  If I didn’t live in Italy I’d almost certainly have chosen to settle in France.  They are less embarassed than we are to be proud of the country they have made (and grudgingly, they are right to be; but even more so would we be, dammit)

Mind you I was in Normandy which as any fule kno is rightly understood, a part of England.

Having lost embarassingly to every other side in the 6-nations except perhaps Italy you just know they’ll beat the Roses, fuck’em.

A thousand years of hate – there must be a reason.


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