Misdiagnose the illness and prescribe the wrong cure

It seems as though the only thing that will reliably unite the whole world is another US school shooting.

From the Mail (yet again, sorry) we can only sympathise with the pain of the bereaved but the point must be made and understood that disarming the sane and law abiding will do nothing to end these tragedies.

It is becoming clear that the FBI had numerous opportunities to identify the deranged lunatic author of this atrocity, and failed to even bother trying to do so.

By failing to use adequately existing gun laws of which there are many they hardly strengthen the case for additional legislation.

It almost seems as though the powers that be welcome these and similar horrors (pace the Obama-era Fast And Furious operation) as a further excuse to implement more laws.

In the UK we remember the indecent (and unaccustomed) haste with which the dismal Major government acted in the wake of Dunblane to criminalise thousands of innocent law-abiding folk.

Who seriously doubts that the US is not on the same trajectory?

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  Never a truer word.


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