Hold the front page – Top copper is a moron

Well no surprises there, you might think?

And you’d be right, but that’s no reason not to call them out on it.  From the Mail , this:

In his speech at the Police Federation roads policing conference yesterday, Mr Bangham said he believed speeding drivers were no longer afraid enough of being caught…  there should be more penalty points, fines and prosecutions to install fear in drivers.

Gratifyingly, there has been a torrent of abuse and scorn heaped upon this person’s head and plenty of accurate reasons why he’s talking dangerous bollocks.

However the one aspect that hasn’t been mentioned is this man’s expressed desire to “install [sic]fear” into drivers (quite apart from the man’s evident illiteracy).  That is not how policing works in this country, at least not for what are essentially administrative issues such as inadvertantly straying 1mph over an already low limit.

In a crowded field this man must be a strong contender for stupidest copper in the country.



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