The Four Horsemen Of The Aocalypse

As what we once knew as normal life slips ever further behind in our collective rear view mirror and the evening news might have been written by some ghastly chimaera of Orwell and Aldous Huxley possibly with a soupçon of Kafka thrown in, then comfort of a kind (not a terribly comforting kind) may be found in Revelations, the last book in the Bible, and the one which used to seem to have been written by a paranoid religious maniac during a particularly heavy acid trip, but nowadays seems fairly prescient.

One of the many things which would combine to make life a misery were the four horsemen of the apocalypse: The Antichrist, War, Famine & Pestilence.

And so it is as we approach the end of times, for Western Civilization at least, that their precise form is becoming clear.

  • The Antichrist – wokeism is eating away at our culture from the inside having infiltrated all the most influential institutions
  • War – that will be the Chinese push for global dominance by fair means or foul, (clue: mostly the latter)
  • Famine – will be the poverty and misery unleashed on the world by greenist policies founded in ignorance and cynicism
  • Pestilence – the Covid crisis is rapidly denormalising sacred freedoms

I don’t as a rule place an enormous amount of faith in biblical predictions; but Revelations is hurtling towards us and it might be too late to stop it.

PS. it will be obvious by the way that all four of these are due to the incompetence of Governments, and the blame is partly ours for not rising sooner.



On The Occasion Of Receiving A Request For Support From Boris Johnson

Dear Boris

I cannot in all conscience donate to the Conservative party for two reasons.

One is that I profoundly disagree with government policy regarding Covid 19.  The insanely authoritarian response is useless, ineffective and disastrously expensive and the astonishing depth of the incompetence on display by the PM, ministers (in general but especially Hancock and young Gavin) and the civil service has made our country a global laughing stock.

The second reason is that thanks to the serious reduction of income I am enjoying as a result of the covid lockdown policies, I am struggling to make the end of the month, in common with the vast majority I suspect of private sector employees and entrepreneurs.

So no.

People like you, your civil servants and the quangocracy generally don’t feel it with your fat index linked salaries and gold plated pensions, all paid for by private sector workers, but I’m telling you now, that you need to make a pretty urgent change of course.

On few occasions in history have the British people been so sorely tested by the casual cruelty and incompetence of their government, and each time it has ended badly.

Best wishes

Jack the dog

Reasons (Not) To Be Cheerful

No stop signs, speed limit
Nobody’s gonna slow me down…I’m on the highway to hell”

When our favourite rock & roller penned the lyrics of AC/DC’s “Highway to hell” it is unlikely he had the travails of the German economy in mind.  After all it is a colossus that has bestrode the continent for half a century, isn’t it?

AEP in the Telegraph points out that this traditional view of the strength of the German economy is misleading.  I made a similar point a bit back.

It is beginning to look, at long last, as though some sort of Brexit is going to take place at some point, and that it is likely to have negative effects for the Germans as much as for the British, with the difference that the latter are much better placed to bounce pack quickly having a more modern flexible and (after Brexit) open economy.

Combine this with what is looking more and more like an incoming global economic downturn which will add pressure to those struggling southern European economies that have never really emerged from the 2008 crash, and an ECB which exhausted its monetary firepower under Draghi (an extremely capable central banker) and has now taken delivery of a new president, the perpetually suntanned french lady, Mrs Lagarde (evidently still capable of landing these top jobs despite a 400 million euro fraud conviction and a track record of grim failure) and the stresses on the Euro really will start to pile up.

As is well understood the German economic wonder in recent years at least has depended on two chief factors.  The first of these is a deliberate policy to hold down wages (the Harz IV reforms).  The second has been a massive export drive of machine tools and cars.  The China machine tool boom is over and the cars were sold mostly to the British or to southern Europeans who bought them using money lent to them by the Germans via the Target 2 Euro area clearing system.

In this way a liability has been built up over the years of around 1 trillion euros which the S. Europeans are obviously never going to pay back.  And equally obviously at some point the Germans are going to want their money back.

The point at which these imbalances will explode is impossible to predict but it is undoubtedly a mightily worrying question.  The Germans have form in taking out their domestic issues on the neighbours.



We’re Doomed! Dooomed…!!

An iconic comedy show from our youth in the distant recesses of the last century was Dad’s Army, the family-friendly and gently amusing adventures of a home guard detachment.  Along with “Don’t tell him, [your name] Pike!”, one of the many catchwords this show spawned was Cpl. Fraser’s line quoted in the title.

I have just finished reading a book “At Our Wit’s End” which was telling me pretty much the same thing.

This is a serious book about an important subject, but it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the authors’ style and presentation write cheques that their conclusions don’t really cash.

Their thesis is that due to the growth of a welfare state across western countries and other cultural changes leading to a process of negative selection for higher IQ, and (to a lesser extent), high immigration from low average IQ countries, the average IQ of populations in the West is dropping sharply and that as a consequence our civilization is about to collapse, as did the Romans’ before us, and for much the same reasons.

The basic idea is unremarkable.  It is fairly obvious to a casual observer that by  incentivizing low IQ individuals to have children by extracting money from high productivity individuals redistributing it to the feckless, the results will not be pretty.  The other important factor operating in the same direction is that because high g (meaning IQ) individuals are more successful at contraception they are better at having fewer children, and do so as they get richer, a phenomenon documented throughout the world.

Much is made of the decline of religious belief in the West, although christian charity is held partly to blame for the generous welfare support provided to the needy.  And the whole charabanc is held together with sticky stape and speculation.

The authors’ solution (to the extent they have one) to this societal problem which they liken to a person preparing wisely for his own old age, is essentially Eugenics.

I’n not so sure.

There are any number of points on which they don’t convince me.

The book opens by recounting the sad end of the magnificent Concorde project which occurred as a result of an accident caused by the shoddy maintenance of another unrelated aircraft depositing a piece of metal on a runway which caused a freak accident killing 100 people.  The remaining aircraft were immediately withdrawn from service, and that was that.  Crossing the Atlantic now took 8 hours again instead of 3.

The next example cherry-picked and half-analysed to illustrate the author’s thesis is the project to put man on the moon in 1969.

Apparently 21st century humankind is no longer capable of doing that, either.

It seems to me that neither of these examples, at least as they are presented in the book, really work.

The reason that these staggering feats of engineering haven’t been repeated is more to do with economics and politics than with any preceived lack of engineering Genius in the population.  The authors fail to reflect that emerging from the massively centralised wartime economy of the West there was an enormous technological infrastructure of scientists and capable administrators just sat there with no more Nazis to fight, communist megalomaniacs to support, Atom bombs to build and test, or greatest seabourne invasions in history to plan and implement.

This was probably the greatest concentration of intellect ever harnessed to a single cause and hopefully we’ll never need to see its like again

With the war done and dusted some new purpose needed to be found for all this talent, the way of government being what it is, returning all these geniuses to normal boring peacetime activity was never an option.

Newly nationalised aircraft industries took the wartime inventions of jet engine and the rest and evolved them with massive amounts of financial input from the government, into Concorde, truly a magnificent aircraft but one which could uncharitably be described as using tax payer’s money to ferry plutocrats from one side of the Atlantic to the other.  Whether it ever really paid for itself is a moot point and the unseemly haste with which it was dumped after the crash tends to imply that it’s 50 year-old air frames were becoming a burden, and the economic case for making a new generation of supersonic plane is weak – luckily the will in the west for another tax payer funded effort doesn’t seem to be there.  that is progress.

Likewise the man on the moon, possible only because of the cold war space race.

The authors might as well explain the fact that we haven’t build another pyramid of Gaza or Great Wall of China.

Their assertion that a general decline in the amount of creativity (which is correlated strongly with g) is justified by the observable decline in the quality of the output of the BBC.  However other possible reasons for this are the infestation of cultural marxism and its baleful handmaid, political correctness, which really mitigate against creative thought.  It is impossible to imagine making The Life of Brian, or The Sweeney or countless other shows which we enjoyed in our youth, nowadays largely for reasons of PC and the fact that the BBC’s mission is now brainwashing rather than entertainment.  State broadcasters the world over will suffer from the same problem, as does (worryingly) the world of academe in which speakers of truth or opinion which lie outwith accepted and very tightly bounded acceptability, are routinely no-platformed or summarily sacked.  The teaching of history and the humanities generally has been debased, and only the STEM subjects seem to have resisted (excluding the question of Climate change which has taken on the trappings of a religion rather than serious science).

As a consequence it is impossible to separate the effects of CM from the mooted results of a generalised decline in intelligence, and the authors are wrong not to point this out.

They don’t consider either the likely effect of the 20th century’s great blood letting in the fields of Flanders.  A substantial proportion of the best and brightest of a generation were ground into the mud there before being able to procreate.  I would be surprised if that had no effect on the quality of the gene pool.

In general I got the strong impression that most of the quoted sources came from rather a small group of names including a considerable amount from the authors’ own previous works, not necessary a problem but not great either.

They attempt to discuss the history of the great Arab civilization and also the Chinese in similar terms but don’t convince.

In particular they don’t discuss what the possible effects of China’s one child policy might have been.  It would most likely have tended to attenuate the decline I would suspect but we’ll never know.  Not from these two anyway.

A particular niggle regarding the authors’ use of language.  They are adamant that a decline in the ability of people to use certain words accurately is an indicator of falling g but they themslves are guilty on at least five occasions of that awful abomination ” which comprises of” .  Need I say more?

When it comes to solutions they seem mainly to be in thrall to various types of Eugenics of differing degrees of wholly unacceptably authoritarian awfulness.  One example they mention is some system of licencing who can have children!

There might be better ways of achieving similar results.  For sure part of the problem is the very high percentage of women trying to have careers.  These careers especially for the university educated ones are often in relatively non value adding parts of the economy made necessary only by vast amounts of pointless and counter constructive government regulation.  If this were eased there would a double benefit.  In general government subsidy of higher education should be removed altogether and universities should have to go out to the market and offer genuinely value adding courses rather than sucking in students to study useless degrees for purely credentialist purposes.

I would suggest that benefits to unmarried mothers be reduced sharply.  Sucking at the teat of the tax payer as a lifestyle choice needs to be eliminated.  For mothers who can’t afford to keep their children, adoption by richer childless couples is a better outcome for the children, and one which at the moment is heartbreakingly difficult.

There will be other and probably better ways as well.

The “creativity deficit” in public broadcasting is easily solved.  Break up the BBC and sell off the bits.

Ridding the world of academia of the pernicious influence of cultural marxism it is a little more complicated, but reforms to make Universities more responsive to market forces would in time fix the problem.  Stop subsidising useless degree courses in pointless subjects like gender studies.  Reforms to education along the lines of the voucher systems which are frequently proposed but rarely implemented would improve the academic quality of primary and secondary education and as a result students would make better choices later.

So, all in all, food for thought and worth a read, but to my mind begs almost as many questions as it answers.

1942 All Over Again

There is an interesting article in this weeks speccie by Europhile (shock horror) Fredrik Erixon in which with more honesty than you might expect he looks at what the rise in (so-called) populist movements across Europe might mean for the EU.

Summing up he writes:

... we have centre-right parties spooked by migration and the borderless Europe. Meanwhile, the left is focusing its attentions on the single market, and would like to see scores of new policies introduced that restrict the freedom to do business across borders. For these parties, the ‘four freedoms’ are problematic. They worry about Polish plumbers fixing the pipes in France and Hungarian truck drivers delivering Amazon packages in Germany…Without the introduction of new social rights, or taxes and regulations on labour that would ‘level the playing field’ between EU countries, the left threatens to disavow the principle of free trade inside the EU… So the supposed torch-bearers of ‘ever-closer union’ are losing faith in key foundations of the whole European project. Even they want a different Europe, with stronger borders, weaker rules, and more power for nation states.

He points out that this is not so different from David Cameron’s ill-fated “renogotiation” that led to Brexit, and goes on:

Paradoxically, Brussels’s rigidity is a sign of internal weakness — not of strength. … Even if no other country is looking for the exit, many want to have more flexible arrangements … For some, it is about allowing more subsidies for failing industries or bigger fiscal deficits; others want less demanding rules about cutting carbon emissions or about refugees seeking asylum. If the EU gives much ground, the result will be a disunited Europe.

However his analysis is rather let done by this:

An era of never-closer union may be about to begin.

It is here that I think he is completely wrong.

That is completely not how the EU works, it is against its founding principles. The history of the EU since its foundation has been one of unrelenting deepening, and that institutional inertia is not about to change.

We have seen with the Euro that the internal inconsistencies are ignored by Brussels until they become an existential threat, at which point a band aid is applied to buy a little more time.  It has been clear for years that its internal struggle between debt sharing and further loosening (which is really a struggle between common sense and German intransigence), is nothing less than a case of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object.

The political tensions described by Mr Erixon are now on track to become a second irresistible force.  The difference here is that the new power struggle is between two pillars of the EU’s fundamental structure – the Platonic executive and the nominally (at least) democratic parliament.

Given the staggeringly poor quality of the political leadership in Brussels it seems to me that the end must be approaching even faster than before. However given the political will to keep going it is likely that it will keep struggling on, running on willpower alone.

In historical terms we are still only in late 1942. The inevitability of the final outcome is starting to take shape – German troops are outgunned and outnumbered in front of Stalingrad, the US has entered the war and the flow of arms and materials to Europe is accelerating. The battle of the Atlantic has turned. Hitler kept going for another two and a half years despite the increasingly obvious facts, thereby sentencing millions more people to death.

How long will Selmayr’s will hold out?

The Broken Record

At the world’s only remaining serious media outlet, the Spectator, Brendan O’Neill describes with customary vim the gratifying (for once!) phenomenon of revolting Frenchmen:

…this revolt is as much against [the] political orthodoxies [of the metropolitan left] as it is against Macron’s out-of-touch and monarchical style. Most strikingly this is a people’s rebellion against the onerous consequences of climate-change policy, against the politics of environmentalism and its tendency to punish the little people for daring to live relatively modern, fossil-fuelled lives. This is new. This is unprecedented. We are witnessing perhaps the first mass uprising against eco-elitism and we should welcome it with open arms to the broader populist revolt that has been sweeping Europe for a few years now.

Bring it on!  It is about time some serious opposition to the green madness started to gain some traction and while manning the barricades is awfully un-British, protest against this horrendously damaging political sickness of our times is long overdue.

The state broadcaster in the UK takes a different view:

Sir David said: “Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years. Climate change.  “If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”

The man is so full of shit that is it amazing he can get on a plane, mind you, I suppose his first class seats are quite capacious.  And he knows a lot about gorillas.

It is hard to know where to start, suffice it to say, that there is next to no evidence that the world is warming, even less that it is due to mankind’s activities, and loads of evidence that economic growth enables mankind to cope better with whatever slight changes might happen; and that Attenborough’s preferred solution, that of halting economic growth and slaughtering most of the world’s population probably isn’t ideal.

And how typical it is of the loathed BBC, scientifically ignorant morally sclerotic metro left cultural marxist cesspit, that as the inevitable grassroots rebellion against climate lies lunacy gets going, it focusses on the demented ravings of this man, trotting out the same old lies like some demented parody of the famous image of His Master’s Voice.

I would say that it was high time he was put out to grass, but I am sure he would be the first to admit that if that happened his farts would poison the ozone layer (or something).  So it’s off to the knackers yard for him.


As Expected, An Absolute Crock Of Merde

After months  of lies, equivocation, deception and betrayal the Prime Minister has finally unveiled the plan her Remoaner Elves have been hammering away at with their Brussels bum-chums all the time while the supposed Brexit secretary and all the rest have been indulging in their little game of charades, with their pathetic simulacrum of good old-fashioned biff-bash negotiation while the real work was going on in the murky, fetid underworld of Whitehall’s political sewers.

It has been obvious since Chequers that betrayal was in the air, but frankly now we are faced with it it is still hard to grasp the dreadful extent of Mrs May’s accomplishment.

On the one hand it has been the most shamefully incompetently handled nego-surrender of all time, which has led to a “deal” which in the vanishingly unlikely event it passes through Parliament, I can only imagine will be signed at Versailles where there is a special railway carriage kept for just such occasions.  AEP in the Telegraph has understandably compared it to Austria’s famous ultimatum to the Serbs in 1914, an irresistible parallel which had occurred to me as well.  At all events the behaviour of the EU is coming to resemble more and more the last days of that doomed empire.

Or possibly it has been the cunningest of cunning plans conjured up by Mrs May in her hitherto unsuspected guise as chess Grand Master, to eat up the time with useless activity, keep her remoaner civil service and the EU occupied digging diplomatic holes and filling them up again all the time working to a conclusion which is the only way a fractious parliament can possibly be united over Brexit, which is in appalled disgust at her pretend proposals, thus assuring a good clean Brexit and all the rest of that good stuff.

Can it really be?

No sentient being could possibly imagine that what she has cobbled together is really a good or acceptable deal.

Equally I find it hard to believe that this ex-failed home secretary would be capable of dreaming up let alone bring to a conclusion such a subtle plot.  Mind you on her side she has the descendents of the people who managed DOUBLE CROSS, so perhaps she has played a blinder?

Only time will tell.

Decline And Fall

I was reading an excellent article (as usual) by Rod Liddle in the Speccy in which he descibes the outcome of a ladies cycle race in Canada or somewhere which was won by a self-declared “lady” with a beard and, as far as we can tell, bollocks.

Rod voices the question we are all asking:

this narcissistic idiot’s fragile sensibilities are totally indulged by the authorities, infuriating his female competitors and making a mockery of the sport. How did we get to this stage, where a shrill but microscopically tiny percentage of the population get to have things their way, to the detriment of everybody else?

Obviously like any sane person,  I agree with him 110%.

However, I can’t help thinking that the whole point about civilization is that it is unnatural. The most civilised societies in the world care for their weaker members, look after the environment, save dogs that are stuck on pallets floating down rivers and what have you.

Therefore in a sense all this LGTBDFRDHSLUYGSYTQWERTY crap is an inevitable consequence of deliberately going against nature taken to the nth degree, but who are we to decide which degree civilization should be taken to?

The whole open borders immigration schtuck, that which the Italians describe as “Buonismo” (roughly translated as “Virtue signalling become public policy”) is the same.

It is as though civilization had a built in sell-date, which we in the west are now approaching. What happens after that is not clear, but I’ve stock piled Johnny Walker, tinned food and ammo and intend to sit it out from my hill top fastness.

Hearts Of Oak

So it would appear that some off duty sailors have been very naughty boys and have got drunk and got in a brawl.

Splendid news.

I’m afraid I was thinking after that embarrassing episode in the gulf of Iran back in 2007, that the Navy had gone the way of the Police, the BBC and most everything else the government touches ie. been taken over by leftard girly boys.

But no, it would seem that some at least of these fine chaps still have the stuff to do what sailors down the ages have done best.

Splice the mainbrace all round lads.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

There is a tale for our times in the miss-named Torygraph this morning… a shocking crime has been reported:

She gave her a bear hug and the defendant pushed her hips towards her with such force that the complainant could feel his penis,” said Miss Dangerfield.


What you need to remember is that the “defendant” mentioned is a repeat sex offender and rapist who identifies as a woman and as a consequence has been remanded to a women’s jail, as you do.

One there this individual (notice the careful phrasing!) resumed these same activities with the female inmates.


However, it is quite clearly outragous that this put upon inmate refers to her agressor as a “he” despite the fact that that person (phrasing!) had self-identified as a woman.

How dare she!  There’ll be trouble.

As for the prison service responsible for this absurd situation which is obviously rotten from the justice minister downwards:

“We apologise sincerely”

Jesus fucking wept.